Best Characters of the Anti-superhero Show That You Should Know Before Understanding Anything Else About the Boys Season 4!

The Boys season 4 will finally start filming in August 2022, and fans can’t wait to see their favorite nutcases once more!

In its debut, The Boys generated a lot of controversies and quickly rose to the top of the list of Amazon Prime Video series. As long as superhero films began to control the box office, a counter-movement that rejects the clean family-friendly structure will unavoidably emerge.

Punisher, Watchmen, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Umbrella Academy, and other universes that spoof the superhero genre have evolved as a result of the 1990s obsession with grim, violent plots and anarchy. The Anti-Superhero genre as a whole is therefore quite successful and popular.

Hollywood A-lister Charlize Theron makes yet again another superhero appearance as more than just a form of Stormfront inside season 3 of The Boys, while Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy ultimately makes his television debut. The Ant-Man spoof Termite, who subtly shows how simple it must have been to beat Thanos, has been even funnier. So, yes, we can anticipate even more excitement and action in The Boys season 4.

Here are some of the best characters of the show that are making us more excited about the Boys season 4.

Billy Butcher

The Boys season 4

Billy Butcher, who we will undoubtedly see in The Boys season 4, has lofty ideals concerning evil businesses that oppress and mistreat regular people, but he also fixates on those who are grieving in order to accomplish his goals. Billy Butcher’s motivation is to eliminate all supers.

His purpose is utterly personal, and it subsequently becomes abundantly evident that everyone and everything is for him either a tool to achieve his objective or a barrier. A former member of the British special forces who already leads The Boys has a grudge against Homelander. This is indeed a result of the flamboyant superhero assaulting his wife, Becca.

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He is a very repulsive television antihero, which is part of what makes him so fascinating to watch. Having Butcher’s body being improved by Compound V, he will be able to compete with Homelander on a somewhat playing field, bringing his deadly game to a whole new and fascinating level.


The Boys season 4

Whether it’s the Joker from DC or Moonknight from Marvel, audiences are starting to embrace characters with twisted dispositions. Another addition to the cosmos is Homelander.

Homelander enjoys being such a bully because he is one of The Seven’s most strong beings. He is indeed a parody of Superman and endowed with the majority of their unique abilities.

Even though the idea of a wicked Superman is not novel at all, as even DC had already attempted it multiple times, still the portrayal in The Boys is captivating because of Anthony Starr’s outstanding performance and the care that went into creating his characterization.

Homelander has evolved into one of the greatest Television villains of the current era as a result of his eccentricities and frightening actions. There is nothing this mad man won’t try, either tossing his son off a roof or enjoying himself on the roof of a skyscraper.

Furthermore, some of the best statements from the episode come from his heated disagreements with his supervisor at Vought International, Stan Edgar, who has become quite famous among the millennials.


The Boys season 4

Starlight is compelled to confront the harsh realities of the profession in perhaps the cruelest way. Since her mother has trained her to become a superhero. When she was a young girl, Starlight has always wanted to be a part of The Seven, but she quickly discovers that the organization isn’t what she might have imagined.

She is oppressed by her colleagues and the organization that controls what she says and wears. So, to stick to her morals and decides to collaborate with Boys to knock down the effect.

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It’s impossible not to enjoy Starlight, who is portrayed as the perfect girl. She is sympathetic, sensible, and kind. Even Supes such as Homelander has grown to appreciate her because she never backs down from confronting oppressors.

She also doesn’t view herself as superior to other people despite having special abilities, which allows her to have a healthy romantic connection with Hughie.


The Boys season 4

Nobody is aware of Frenchie’s background or even how he arrived to lead a life as an armaments dealer. He can create an exploding weapon out of everything and is fairly explosive himself. He is swift on his toes and is a passionate man who prefers to blow it rather than stay the course, which annoys his teammates, especially Mother’s Milk.

Mallory coerces Frenchie into joining The Boys upon learning that he can craft weapons to resist Supes’ abilities. He has a close relationship with Kimiko as a team member. Of course, Frenchie’s secrecy regarding his origins was not the only factor in his reputation as among the most mysterious thieves out there. He seems to have a propensity toward bluffing, which comes in very handy when Homelander pays him an unexpected visit.

His ability to fool Homelander, a guy having super-senses usually quickly exposes anyone’s lies, into believing he was speaking the truth while he was deliberately lying, which speaks volumes about his linguistic trickery.

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