Audio Revealed when First Responders Arrived and found TV star Garrison Brown Dead

Flagstaff, AZ: The authorities have revealed the audio recording from the bodycam of the responding officers to the scene where Garrison Brown committed suicide a month ago.

The recording documents the moment that law enforcement officers found the body of the “Sister Wives” star.

The authorities find the reality TV star dead in his room, as per the Flagstaff Police Department.

According to one officer, he moved a gun that was discovered on Garrison’s lap to provide medical personnel with access to the deceased individual’s body. The same officer claimed that the weapon was unloaded when he moved it, which suggests that another person came into contact with the firearm before they saw it.

Garrison had been dead for a considerable amount of time when his body was found. The circumstances suggested that Brown committed suicide, but no note was found. However, the police found only one bullet casing and it was immediately collected.

Image by Flagstaff Police Department

The officer then called his housemates and informed them of the incident.. It is easily understood that Cheyenne, one of the roommates, finds out about the news when she is on the phone. She was very upset about this.

Additionally, Addison, Garrison’s other roommate, was also informed about the suicide. The fact that Addison is visibly distressed is accompanied by the revelation that Garrison was battling both depression and Alcoholism.

On the night that Garrison committed suicide, Addison claimed that he was under the influence of alcohol as per TMZ.