Sacramento Teenagers Arrested in Fairfield after their Alleged Car Jacking Involvement

Fairfield, CA: According to the Fairfield Police Department, four teens from Sacramento were taken into custody while they were being investigated for allegedly committing an armed carjacking.

The incident happened on Saturday evening, at around 6:21 p.m. A vehicle was reportedly involved in an armed carjacking was seen on cameras by the Fairfield Police Department. The officers say that the vehicle was going east on Travis Boulevard from Interstate 80.

Near the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and Travis Boulevard, the Fairfield Police Department said that many officers responded and started a traffic stop. The vehicle reportedly made a turn onto Travion Court and then proceeded to the rear of a parking lot, as reported by the investigation.

According to reports, four individuals got out of the car. Two of them promptly surrendered, according to the Fairfield Police Department.

Another two were situated a little distance away from the first two. Every single one of the four people inside was a juvenile from Sacramento. After being transferred and placed into juvenile hall, the driver, who was wanted for arrest on a warrant, was taken into custody.

Source: Fox 40.