Are Terry and Tonesa Still Together? The Truth Revealed

In the 1980s, the Black Mafia Family operated as a narcotics network and money launderer in Detroit’s Southwest. The show’s creator, Randy Huggins, was inspired by the gang to create his namesake series, which is also known as “BMF.” Tonesa “Toni” Welch, rumored to be BMF’s “First Lady,” served as inspiration for the show’s character Markisha Taylor.

Tonesa wed drug dealer and investor TerryTeeFlenory. Terry eventually served 30 years in prison, and Tonesa spent over 5 years behind bars for money laundering. They seemed like the modern-day equivalent of Bonnie and Clyde, so what’s up with them now? What is it?

Who is Terry?

Many people know Terry Lee Flenory as Southwest T. He is a businessman and a member of the notorious drug-trafficking Flenory brothers in the United States. Until their arrest, he and his brother Big Meech worked together in the same business.


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In 1985, Terry Lee Flenory and his brother created the Black Mafia Family. The group operates out of Detroit, Michigan, and is notorious for money laundering and drug trafficking.

Who is Tonessa?

Several notorious female kingpins, including TonesaToniWelch, the “First Lady” of the Black Mafia Family and ex-longtime girlfriend of BET mogul Southwest T, will be featured in the upcoming BET real crime docuseries American Gangster: Trap Queens.

Welch, who grew up in a middle-class family in Detroit, got fascinated by the wealth and influence that life on the streets could provide at a young age. She joined BMF at age 19 and was already living like a Hollywood starlet with her enormous money.

Terry and Tonesa’s BMF Journey

Markisha is the wife of a drug dealer in the show, and her husband gets along well with Meech and Terry. While she watches Terry, she gets the impression that he has a mission in life that could benefit them both. When Kwamé and Terry get into an altercation, Markisha steps in to put an end to it.

Markisha is positive that a romantic relationship can develop between two people who start as friends. The number of her TV appearances decreased. Such as in the second season’s “Family Business” episode, in which Terry tries to get his car-ride business off the ground. He learns the ins and outs of providing five-star service from Markisha.

Are Terry and Tonesa Still Together

He includes her in business conversations and looks to her for advice on subjects in which she has expertise. They discuss the possibility of hiring a third driver to expand their operation. She also instructs him on how to keep his first-class customers safe at the airport and what snacks to keep in the car to make them feel at ease.

You’ll meet her again in the third episodeDevil’s Night,” when Terry takes on some vicious thugs over his business plan. He keeps returning to Markisha, not just for counsel, but also because he’s grown fond of her.

Again, she provides him with excellent advice on how to control his anger and avoid making the same mistakes he did when he was a drug dealer. When he finally gives in and listens to her, he kisses her. In reality, this marked the start of a fresh love affair that would eventually lead to marriage, but how long did their marriage last?

Are Terry and Tonesa Still Together?

As far as I know, Terry and Tonesa are no longer Together. After both were sentenced to prison, there was little hope of their getting back together romantically. Their repercussions, however, were never explained.

Tonesa said that the authors lied because they misrepresented the facts. She detailed her dissatisfaction with the show in the caption of an Instagram photo, citing various issues, including how it inaccurately portrayed her relationship with Terry.

Are Terry and Tonesa Still Together

She discussed her friendship with him briefly during an interview with VladTV. “He was coming back and forth in my life as I trusted him, he had my back, I was telling this is what I’m doing, and this is how I’m doing it,” she said. His presence and encouragement were constants. He was like a friend to me.

He was a pal of mine; in fact, he was practically one of my closest confidants. Nothing serious happened at first, and I don’t think Terry and I even kissed for the first time until 1995 or so. She went on, “We hung out like actually hung out daily. We had a busy time together even when we were away from home.

She also mentioned giving him money out of the goodness of her heart. Her connections allowed her to borrow money for Terry’s company. They started dating in 1996 and she filed for divorce from Harold that same year. Tonesa was speaking graciously about Terry as if no animosity existed between them.

Taking things day by day, he is spending the rest of his term in house confinement and is engaging in juvenile mentoring. Tonesa’s resume includes Executive Producer, Bland Influencer, and Jail Reformist. There have been rumors that she was Terry’s first wife, but because they don’t follow one other on official Instagram profiles, they may have moved on from their prior connection. Together, they are working to change their ways of thinking, make up for their mistakes, and raise their children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the BMF’s, First Lady?

BET+ has approved the film The First Lady of BMF: The Tonesa Welch Story is based on the life of Detroit native Tonesa Welch, which was chronicled for the first time in American Gangster: Trap Queens, also available on the streaming service.

Who is Terry’s Wife on BMF?

Sydney Mitchell does her role. Terry’s girlfriend and the mother of his child are LaWanda.

How Many Children Does Terry Flenory Have?

It is unknown how many children Terry Lee Flenory has or their names, however, he is rumored to have at least one.


BMF, a narcotics network and money launderer in Detroit, inspired the show BMF created by Randy Huggins. The character Markisha Taylor is based on Tonesa Welch, rumored to be BMF’sFirst Lady.” In the show, Markisha is the wife of drug dealer Terry Flenory, and they develop a romantic relationship. Tonesa and Terry started dating in 1996 and she filed for divorce from Harold that same year. Terry served 30 years in prison, and Tonesa spent over 5 years behind bars for money laundering. Terry is now in house confinement and rumored to have at least one child with his girlfriend LaWanda.

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