Are Ben and Camille Still Together in 2023? Know their Relationship Status

Bravo’s ‘Below Deck‘, is a fun look at what it’s like to work aboard a superyacht and cater to the whims of wealthy clients. Season 10 introduced the world to Ben Willoughby and Camille Lamb, who quickly became the show’s most beloved couple.

Fans are completely immersed in their love story because they witnessed private, romantic, and difficult moments between the couple. Is their love still going strong after the show, or did they end up like most reality TV couples? Hmm, I wonder…

Who is Ben?

Ben Robinson, the executive chef, is an expert in both land and sea cuisines. He apprenticed at the three-Michelin-star British restaurant The Fat Duck and learned his craft from Italian master chefs in Florence. For nearly a decade, Ben worked as the chief chef on yachts, including the largest sailing yacht in the world.

He spent his formative years after his parents’ emigration to the United States in a boarding school in Oxford, England. He is presently based in the Sunshine State. You may recognize him as the original host of Below Deck, Below Deck Mediterranean, and Galley Talk on the Bravo Television Network. Some of his cooking demos may be found on the Food Network’s companion mobile app.

Are Ben and Camille Still Together?

Camille may have been relieved of her duties at work, but her boatman with Ben appears to be continuing strong… or is it?

They’re always popping up on each other’s Instagram’s, but it could just be a tactic to prolong the audience’s suspense until the Season 10 finale. Neither Ben nor Camille has been in the same place lately; the former is currently in Florida, while the latter has returned to his native Australia.

Whether or if Camille and Ben are still together is a question only time can answer. Yet, it’s safe to presume they are at least friends now because they post each other on social media and speak well of one another on other platforms.

Are Ben and Camille Still Together

In related news, Ben was a guest on the Above Deck podcast to talk about the show. Oh, and in case you were wondering, his relationship with Camille was brought up almost immediately by the hosts. He said their bond was like a movie romance, and we can only assume he’s thinking about Sara and Jonathan from Serendipity.

Ben said on the show, “It was so amazing to be in that moment with her, and I think she leaned on my shoulder for that because she went through a really hard time.” The way Ben has phrased this makes it sound like he and Camille are officially over. On the other hand, he may have media training that prevents him from spilling the beans about what’s to come in Season 10 as long as fresh episodes are still airing.

Ben and Camille’s Below Deck Journey

Ben, a 27-year-old deckhand from Gold Coast, Australia, recently joined the vessel. He runs a podcast called “Word on the Teak / Superyacht Crew” and enjoys exploring new places and working out. In addition to her role as a deckhand/stew on the show, Camille was a contestant on Season 19 of “American Idol.” She can also sing and write songs. She comes from a long line of sailors; in fact, most of her ancestors were merchant seafarers.

Despite their instant chemistry upon meeting on the show, the couple faced significant opposition and challenges as they worked to publicly declare their love for one another. Camille became irritated after an incident with the captain. Ben embraced her in the laundry room and urged her to “get that grin back.” By the second episode, their budding romance had drawn some criticism.

Ben admitted to Camille being more of a focus in his confessional. She gave him a lap dance, which enraged Alissa once more, and she left. Their relationship blossomed throughout the show, and they never shied away from passionate displays of affection. The couple’s boatman remains strong despite the high-pressure nature of the event.

Are Ben and Camille Still Together

Camille, however, has voiced her doubts about a long-distance relationship, claiming that it is unrealistic. She did, however, add that she hoped to one day find a new love to share her life with. She questioned, “Are you kidding me?Ben remarked, “It’s not a joke; it’s the genuine deal.” He “fell hard” for her, he confessed in a monologue and seemed hopelessly in love. Ben added, “I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I’m feeling pretty content right now. That much I can tell you.

Once Camille was replaced, he asked her to a party the day before she returned home, thinking it would help her forget about the competition. Everyone was taken aback by her unexpected appearance after she had been let go. The two, though, were unfazed and appeared to be having a good time.

Did Ben Willoughby cheat on Camille Lamb with Leigh-Ann Smith

No, not really! After significant sexual tension, Ben and Leigh-Ann were shown kissing in the most recent episode. That doesn’t mean Ben’s cheating on Camille, though. Since the day he laid eyes on Camille, Ben has been nothing but loyal to her. But Camille has been mysteriously silent on the subject of their relationship. Ben’s tolerance was strained by this in the last episode, but he’s still talking to Leigh-Ann.

The season 10 finale of “Below Deck” will air on Bravo at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, March 27.

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“Below Deck” on Bravo follows Ben Robinson, an experienced chef on yachts, and Camille Lamb, a former contestant on “American Idol,” as they navigate their relationship. Despite challenges, they have become a beloved couple on the show and their relationship appears to be continuing strong outside of it. In the most recent episode, Ben was shown kissing another woman, but he remains loyal to Camille. The season finale airs on March 27th at 8 p.m. ET.

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