Are Ron and Lana Still Togethe in 2023? Know Complete Information!

Although the first season of Love Island UK appeared on ITV in 2005, the reality dating program that has now become a global phenomenon was not born until a revival aired on ITV2 in 2015. Love Island UK premiered its relaunch in 2015, and since then, it has spawned other local adaptations in nations as diverse as the United States, Australia, South Africa, and Spain.

Some couples who met on the show—like Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey from Season 2, who are now married and have two children, and Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt from Season 3, who welcomed a baby in 2020—have gone on to start families in real life. Let’s check to see if Lana and Ron have reconciled.

Who is Lana?

Makeup artist Lana Jenkins, age 25 and originally from Luton.  Makeup artist Michelle Keegan is only one of the famous people Lana has worked with. She boasted to ITV, “In my career as a make-up artist I’ve worked with many celebrities,” before she entered the house. I also used to live in Spain and appeared as a child extra in an episode of Benidorm when I was six.


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In 2020, Lana was in a committed relationship with Hollyoaks‘ Owen Warner, who was also a finalist on I’m a Celebrity.

We ended amicably, so I have nothing unpleasant to say in terms of our relationship and the time that we spent together,” she told the press when asked if she had watched Warner on I’m a Celeb.

Who is Ron?

Ron, a participant on “Love Island,” is a 25-year-old Essex native. Ron has also discussed how, at the age of eight, he lost sight in one eye from a football injury.

“If you met me, you’d have no idea I was blind in one eye,” he stated. When I was eight years old, I got kicked in the face while going up for a header while playing football. “One of my eyes is blue and the other is green. Knowing that so many others are suffering more than I am has strengthened my resolve to persevere.

And if anything, the experience of losing it drives that point home. That hasn’t been an issue for me at all. I’ll admit, it makes for a great icebreaker. As a financial advisor, Ron guides a wide variety of financial products from various institutions.

Are Ron and Lana Still Together?

Is Love Island UK’s Lana and Ron still together after 9 seasons? We don’t know what happened, but they were seen arguing the night before the big reunion on the show. “They sat in the rain having a furious debate for roughly 20 minutes before ultimately heading inside,” one observer told The Sun. Check out the images here.

Is Ron and Lana Still Together

Love Island producers had to step in last week after Rob and Lana got into a “heated quarrel” on the plane ride back from South Africa, prompting them to send Rob home and Lana back to the villa.

The Sun reported on March 16, 2013, that the cast was so angry that they refused to film the “meeting the family” portion of the reunion program at Heathrow until producers intervened. They had planned to spend the night in London together, but after the quarrel, each of them returned home to calm down.

Right after the series finale aired, Lana thanked her followers on Instagram and gushed over her boyfriend Ron. Excitedly, we yelled, “We made it!!! She thanked their supporters in the caption of a photo of the two of them, writing, “Eeeeekkkkk We’re utterly overwhelmed by the love and support and just wanted to say a massive thank you to everybody who has supported us over the last few months.”

We’re thrilled to be starting our lives together and looking forward to whatever the future may bring. Once again, I appreciate everyone’s generosity and thoughtfulness. Currently, we are reading as many books as we can and responding to as many as we can.

Lana and Ron’s Love Island UK Journey

They are both 25 years old and natives of Essex, England; Ron is a financial counselor and Lana is a makeup artist. Ron summoned up the nerve to ask Lana out, and the two of them became the first official couple in the Villa. He explained, “I’ve never had a relationship or anything like that, so for me, it is like a major deal, and we’ve talked to each about being exclusive, but it’s not enough for me. It’s the title I’m after. Let’s be boyfriend and girlfriend.

On the terrace, they had their fairytale moment, and Lana happily accepted his proposal. Ron made the official announcement to the other competitors while the two leaned in for a passionate kiss. There wasn’t a smooth road leading up to this point, though.

Despite Lana’s premonition that she and Ron would eventually be together, their courtship had a rocky start. With Ron’s penchant for swooning for bombshells and Lana’s penchant for shacking up with Casey, their relationship came as something of a shock.


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Many people were unhappy with Lana and Ron’s decision to get back together. Others were relieved at what they saw as her “settling” by picking Casey.

Because Ron was branded a “game player,” suggesting that his feelings for Lana were not genuine, many fans even accused other contestants of trying to sabotage the couple. Because they never engaged in any PDA, the audience and the villa members voted the couple first for having the “least sexual chemistry” (public display of affection).

Ron added that he had been single for four years, thereby suggesting that Lana was his first girlfriend. Viewers were quick to point out the inconsistency in referring to Lana as his “first girlfriend” when he had previously hinted at having a girlfriend. Is that enough to drive a wedge between them? Did they overlook their differences and resolve to get closer anyway?


Love Island UK is a popular reality TV show that has spawned adaptations around the world. Some contestants have formed lasting relationships, including Lana and Ron from Season 4, who are still together. The couple had a rocky start and were briefly separated, but they reconciled and Ron proposed to Lana.

Despite criticism from some fans and challenges from other contestants, they remain committed to each other. Both are 25 years old, from Essex, and have careers in finance and makeup artistry, respectively.