Are Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett Divorcing? Are The Rumors True About Them? Let’s Find Out!

Divorce, relationships, and dating are the most popular subjects on the internet. We’re all inquisitive about what’s going on in other people’s lives, and we love hearing happy endings (fortunately). In this post, we’ll find out what’s going on between Chantel and Pedro. Pedro Jimeno traded in his marriage for time with his coworkers on Family Chantel, but is he still working for Laura Delgado?

Pedro Jimeno was loathed by fans in 2022 as a result of his divorce from Chantel Jimeno on The Family Chantel and workplace rumors. Pedro got work as a real estate agent with Laura Delgado Realty, but fans immediately suspected him of having an affair with either his boss, Laura Delgado, or her niece and employee, Antonella Barrenechea Streuli. Viewers of The Family Chantel are now wondering if Pedro is still working for Laura in 2023.

Why Did Couple Parted During Season 4 Of The Show?

Pedro and Chantel parted during Season 4 of The Family Chantel after Pedro startled 90 Day Fiancé fans by drastically changing his stance toward her. The spouse, who was formerly affectionate and dedicated, became cold and harsh and stopped coming home.

Are Chantel and Pedro divorced 2023?

Pedro spent all of his time away from work with his coworkers, while Chantel accused him of cheating on her before opting to keep their breakup quiet. Several people assumed he had been unfaithful to one of his employees since, as Chantel pointed out, Pedro was frequently hanging out with them. Many viewers wondered if Pedro would keep his job given Laura’s alleged criminal history, rumors of a workplace affair, and accusations that he was unprofessional.

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Is Pedro Jimeno Still A Real Estate Agent?

Many The Family Chantel watchers questioned Pedro, who became a villain because of how he handled Chantel. On their official website, he is still listed as a member of the Laura Delgado Realty Group, with Antonella and Laura. Pedro, however, has devoted his Instagram profile to real estate after his divorce from Chantel.

Are Chantel and Pedro divorced 2023?

He describes himself as a “Real Estate Agent” and “Realtor LD Team” on what was once his personal Instagram after deciding to deactivate his professional real estate profile at the end of 2021 and devote all of his efforts to growing his business. Pedro currently posts a lot of sketch films regarding real estate agents and house listings.

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Where Does Pedro Jimeno Stand With Antonella & Laura?

Pedro has a strained relationship with his ex-wife Chantel, whom he has disparaged online. He appears to have maintained ties with his coworkers Antonella and Laura, though. Pedro is a fan of Anontella’s professional and personal Instagram accounts.

Since his divorce, he has also been spotted with Laura at business functions. Antonella and Laura are tracked and returned by Pedro’s mother, Lidia Morel, who publicly disapproved of Chantel. Meanwhile, Pedro has already vacationed with Laura and Antonella. Pedro, on the other hand, does not follow Antonella’s husband, Daniel Hanna. Know more about the couple- Is Pedro Jimeno Still Dating Chantel Everett? What’s Going On Between The Couple?

Pedro’s Social Life

Generally, Pedro has maintained a fan base nevertheless, The Family Chantel personality has suffered a significant drop in his internet popularity. He presently has 445K Instagram followers, while Chantel is on her way to 1 million.

However, Chantel has gotten the great majority of fan support, although Pedro looks to have kept a tiny but devoted following. Furthermore, he appears to have devoted his entire identity to being a real estate agent and is very happy to be a member of Laura’s team, even if supporters of The Family Chantel remain wary of his professionalism and the organization for which he works. The above Information is sourced from- Screenrant.


According to In Touch, when the pair returned for season 4 of their spinoff program in June 2022, they had already filed for divorce in May of that year. Pedro was the one who requested a divorce on May 27, 2022.

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