Are Yve And Mohamed Still Together? Here’s All You Want To Know!

In this article we will discuss about the relationship terms going on between Yve Arellano and Mohamed Abdelhamed.

Since 90 Day, a lot has transpired in Yve Arellano and Mohamed Abdelhamed’s relationship. They were last seen in the season 9 “Tell-All” episode. Yve, from Albuquerque, fell in love with Mohamed, who is half her age, when he liked her images on social media. Mohamed had given up on marriage after a failed engagement, and Yve had been unmarried for a long period after leaving her eight-year relationship with Tharan’s father. However, Mohamed wasted little time in proposing to Yve following their first encounter.

Mohamed did not approve of Yve’s lifestyle after migrating to the United States. He didn’t want Yve to be in the same room with another guy, he wanted her to prepare him breakfast instead of leaving to work, and he had disagreements with her friends. This disturbed Yve, and Mohamed expressed a desire to return home. Mohamed was also growing impatient with Yve, who kept postponing the wedding so that she could have her ideal ceremony.

Despite ups and downs in their relationship, Yve and Mohamed married on the last episode. Yve said she and Mohamed were still dating on the 90 Day Fiancé season 9 Tell-All Part 1. The pair admitted to having a few rocky patches on the August 14 episode, but said they still loved each other.

Mohamed is spotted cheating on Yve. Is It True or Not?

Yve And Mohamed Still Together

At the end of Tell-All Part 2, 90 Day Fiancé surprised fans by revealing that Yve had discovered text exchanges between Mohamed and another lady. In tears, Mohamed admitted to meeting someone online but asked the woman to stop contacting him since he was married. Yve and Mohamed were in New York City around June 15 to record the Tell-All, and the text conversations were published on July 28 by the Instagram account @MerryPants.

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Yve Charged With Domestic Violence

Following the Tell-All Part 2, Yve verified on her Instagram stories that Mohamed was chatting to two ladies, one of whom was married. On August 15, InTouch reported that Mohamed filed domestic violence charges against Yve, including one case of battery and one count of assault against a household member. According to reports, Yve will be arraigned on Tuesday, September 6. According to the police record obtained by ET, Mohamed reported that Yve “becomes very aggressive and enraged” after drinking. He accused her of repeatedly assaulting and grabbing him, and he also claimed Yve was having an affair with a man named Mike based on communications he said he saw on her Apple Watch. A recording of Yve yelling at Mohamed

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Yve & Mohamed Split And Accuses Him Of Immigration Fraud

Yve And Mohamed Still Together

According to Yve’s publicist, the domestic violence charges are baseless and part of a conspiracy to keep Mohamed in the United States. He allegedly discussed with his partner how he may qualify for the U-Visa in the instance of domestic abuse. Mohamed has not lived with Yve since August 14, one day before he filed accusations against her, according to InTouch. Yve and Mohamed, on the other hand, have not yet filed for divorce. Kathleen Martinez, an immigration attorney, has stepped in to help Yve and has filed charges against Mohamed, who may be committing visa fraud. The lawyer will ensure that Mohamed does not remain in the United States under false pretenses, notwithstanding Mohamed’s claim in a fresh statement to InTouch that he has no problem.

Are Mohamed and Yve still together?

No, neither Yve nor Mohamed have confirmed that they are no longer together. Yve revealed their relationship in June, the same month the Tell All episode was taped, when she uploaded a photo of them at a recording studio.

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