8-year-old Molested by Family Friend for Years; Get Life Imprisonment in Texas after Child Molestation Videos Surfaced during Investigation

Hays County Criminal District Attorney Kelly Higgins said that on May 30, a man was given a life sentence after being found guilty of sexually abusing a kid younger than 14 years old over and over again.

The DA’s office says that Andrew Brown, 38, of Dripping Springs sexually abused a family friend’s 8-year-old child for more than a year.

The DA’s office said Brown abused the child after offering to watch the child while his wife and friends went out.

“There was evidence during the punishment phase that the defendant also had thousands of pornographic images showing the sexual abuse of young children,” the DA’s office said. “The child pornography was found when he called a family member from jail to ask them to delete the files on the storage device.”

Brown was a real estate agent who had also been a cheer teacher for kids.

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