8-month-old Baby Girl Missing in Kentucky; Parents Busted with Stash of Drugs after Welfare Check

Investigators in Kentucky are desperately looking for an 8-month-old girl who hasn’t been seen in weeks. The parents of the girl were caught hiding out in a motel with a large amount of fentanyl and methamphetamine.

Miya Tucker Rudd, from Reynolds Station in Ohio County, was reported missing by Kentucky State Police on Thursday. The police said they searched the family’s home and checked on the child’s safety but couldn’t find the child. It takes about 90 miles to get to Reynolds Station from Louisville.

Someone from the Kentucky State Police told Fox News Digital that she hasn’t been seen by any other family members since the beginning of May. A representative for child safety services said that they had been looking for the child and had called the police when they couldn’t find her.

The mother of the girl, Tesla Tucker, 29, and her father, Cage C. Rudd, 30, were found at a hotel in Owensboro on Wednesday. They had a lot of drugs on them, including fentanyl, and had no idea where the baby was. Evansville is 25 miles west of Reynolds Station.

Police Trooper Corey King of the Kentucky State Police told Fox News Digital, “We tried to talk to the parents, but they’re not very helpful with our investigation.”

He said they don’t know where the child is and that she might be with other family members.

The two were arrested and charged with drug trafficking and possession, as well as child abuse and leaving a kid behind. The Kentucky State Police say they are being held at the Daviess County Detention Center in Owensboro.

Rudd was also charged with having drugs on his person.

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The Kentucky Department of Corrections says Rudd was found guilty of two drug crimes in March, including having methamphetamine on his person. He was then put on a year of controlled release.

He was living with the couple at their home on Deanfield Church Road and has also been charged by police. His name is Ricky Smith. Police say that Smith was selling drugs out of the house. He is being charged with drug crimes, child abuse, and putting a child in danger.

King said that during their first check of the house, they found many different kinds of drugs.

The police say Miya Tucker’s eyes and hair are green. State Police in Kentucky said they thought she was last seen with her parents.

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