8-year-old Dragged by Man in Attempted Kidnapping in Boston during Party; Man Arrested and Boy is Safe: Authorities

A man facing charges for attempting to abduct a child from a Boston July 4th gathering appeared in court on Friday, where a judge mandated a psychiatric evaluation for him.

A man named Manuel Cardoso, 44, approached a group of people at a July 4th party on Wentworth Street. He walked up the driveway, urinated on the house, and then approached several children. According to reports, he reportedly seized an 8-year-old boy by the neck and forcefully pulled him towards the street.

“I find it quite disturbing,” commented Kai Horton, a resident living just a few streets away. “During a noisy night like this, it’s important to ensure that your child stays within a close distance of you, around 5 to 10 feet. Otherwise, it can be difficult for them to hear you calling them.”

According to authorities, Cardoso was confronted by individuals at the gathering and was subsequently apprehended by law enforcement on Darlington Street.

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Cardoso made an appearance in Dorchester District Court on Friday, facing multiple charges such as kidnapping and assault and battery. A doctor from the Massachusetts Department of Health has stated that he is currently unable to stand trial.

Cardoso’s next court appearance is scheduled for July 19 as per CBS News.

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