8-year-old Brutally Assaulted by Man; Judge Sent Perpetrator in Jail for Horrific Abuse in Arkansas

A man from Green Forest has been found guilty of sexually abusing a kid and has been sentenced to thirty years in jail without the chance of parole at this time.

Terencio “Junior” Perez-Cancino, who is 33 years old, was taken into custody and charged with two counts of sexually exploiting a juvenile through the means of the production of child pornography.

United States District Court in Fayetteville was the location where the sentencing hearings took place.

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Agents with Homeland Security Investigations discovered that Perez-Cancino had uploaded photographs to Snapchat depicting him sexually abusing a girl who was eight years old, as stated in a press release issued by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Arkansas (WDAR).

According to 5NewsOnline, he confirmed that he had made the photographs around two years before. An interview was conducted with the kid, during which she revealed that she had been sexually molested by Perez-Cancino for a period of four years.

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