2-month-old Baby Girl nearly Dead after Father Left her in Bathtub Full of Water; Arrested by Texas Authorities

An arrest warrant affidavit says that Javarrion Dowdy, 18, is charged with injury to a child resulting in serious physical injury because he left a 2-month-old baby in a bathtub alone and the baby almost drowned while he talked on the phone.

Around 9:40 p.m., the event took place in an apartment building in the 1100 block of N 6th Street on April 30. It was said that the baby had severe breathing problems and cardiac collapse. The statement says that paramedics arrived and found her not responding. They had to revive her on the spot.

During the investigation, Waco police learned that Dowdy was the father of the future child and that the baby’s mother found out she was pregnant with another child. The woman asked Dowdy to her apartment on April 30th to talk about the pregnancy.

According to the arrest order, Dowdy offered to bathe the baby that night while the woman made dinner. Crown says Dowdy “put the baby in a baby bath seat and left her in the bathtub,” as the warrant says.

So, Dowdy left the baby in the water to go listen to the mother’s call. The order says that Dowdy also talked on the phone at one point.

The paper says that when Dowdy got off the phone, he saw that the bathtub water level was too high and found the 2-month-old baby lying on her back and not moving. According to the request, Dowdy told police that a baby wipe he used to clean the baby before bathing it got into the tub and blocked the drain, which made the tub fill with water.

The baby was taken to McLane Children’s Hospital in Temple after being stabilized at a hospital in Waco.

A few days before the event, Dowdy was reported for assault by the baby’s mother, and Child Protective Services told Dowdy to stay away from the apartment. The order says that Dowdy lied to police about his name the night the baby almost drowned because of this.

Dowdy told police that he had lied to first responders about how long he had been away from the baby in the bathtub when he was interviewed.

The authorities are holding Dowdy on a $250,000 bond.

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