6-year-old Florida Girl Dead after Mom’s Boyfriend Left Her in Parked Car; Died from Apparent Heat Exposure

A man from Manatee County has been taken into custody by deputies for allegedly leaving his six-year-old child in a parked car on a hot day, resulting in her tragic death.

A 24-year-old individual named Markise L. Outing brought a child to a Southern Manatee Fire Department station in Bradenton on May 20, in need of medical attention, as reported by the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

Paramedics discovered the child in an unconscious state, with no signs of breathing and a potential cardiac arrest. They made every effort to save her life before transporting her to a nearby hospital for specialized treatment. Unfortunately, she passed away later that evening.

Prior to transferring her to the hospital, the medical personnel observed that her body core temperature was 107.2 degrees.

Initially, Outing claimed that the child was overheated from playing in a park. However, a thorough investigation and analysis of GPS data revealed that he had actually left her inside a parked car for several hours while he worked.

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MCSO has reported that after picking up his girlfriend’s daughter from school, the individual drove to his place of business in Bradenton. Shockingly, he left the child alone inside with the windows rolled up, as further investigation has revealed.

The temperature inside the parked car reportedly reached a scorching 115 degrees, according to MCSO. The cause of death was determined to be heat exposure, according to the autopsy report obtained by Fox13 News.

Outing was taken into custody on Tuesday and is now being held at the Manatee County Jail, facing charges of aggravated manslaughter of a child.

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