5-year-old found Dead in Freezing Park; Mom Sent to Probation in Michigan: Authorities

A lady who is accused of leaving her son alone in an apartment before he walked outdoors and froze to death was ultimately sentenced to five years of probation. This comes after she entered a plea of no contest in April to a charge of involuntary manslaughter.

Macomb County Circuit Court Judge Kathryn Viviano handed down a sentence of two years of probation to 25-year-old Derricka Fleming, who resides in Clinton Township. However, Viviano decided to place Fleming on probation rather than incarcerating her.

Fleming entered a plea of no contest to the charge in April, and she faced a maximum sentence of fifteen years in prison.

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Lamar Mitchell, the son of Fleming, was discovered on the morning of January 23, 2023, at a park that was located close to the apartment that his family lived in. Immediately after his discovery, Mitchell was sent to a neighboring hospital, but he was pronounced dead upon arrival according to MLive News.

Allegedly, Fleming left Mitchell alone in the apartment after putting him to bed the night before, allowing the child to fend for himself. Mitchell wandered out of the flat at some time and went to the park that was close; nevertheless, he did not have appropriately attired himself for the weather conditions that prevailed in January.

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