5-month-old Baby Found Dead; Mother Facing Homicide Charges after Baby Had Severe Bruising all over the Little Body

A Biloxi mother has been charged with capital murder after an autopsy revealed that her 5-month-old child died from blunt force trauma, according to the police.

A suspect has been charged in connection with the tragic death of an infant, according to authorities.

Summer Rose Hill, 20, is now charged with the homicide of the infant, as per the authorities.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Takavian Keivon Gibbs, 21, has not had the charges against him upgraded. He continues to face one count of child abuse.

Hill and Gibbs were apprehended and formally accused by the police last week following allegations that they transported a deceased infant to Merit Health Hospital.

Authorities initially responded to the hospital at 12:51 p.m. Staff members informed them that Summer Rose Hill, 20, and Takavian Keivon Gibbs, 21, had brought their deceased five-month-old child to the emergency room. Medical staff discovered multiple injuries indicative of abuse during an examination.

Officials have deemed the child’s death as suspicious, with medical staff reporting that the infant had multiple injuries consistent with abuse during the initial examination. A couple was booked into the Harrison County jail on Thursday night by the police.

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A Biloxi couple has been arrested and is facing charges of child abuse. Each of them was issued a bond worth $500,000.

As reported by Sun Herald, an autopsy was conducted on the infant on Tuesday.

Hill is currently being held without bond on a charge of capital murder. A capital murder is a type of murder that occurs during the commission of another felony, such as child abuse in this instance.

According to the police, the investigation into Gibbs is still ongoing and there is a possibility of additional charges, although the current charges have not been upgraded.

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