2-year-old Sexually Abused by Parents for Videos; Tried to Solicit Men to Abuse Little Girl: Parents Arrested by Police

A mother and father in Georgia, both 26 years old, were arrested last week and charged with sexually abusing their young children. They are accused of making explicit “content” about their children for different online apps and even trying to get men to do sexual acts with their 2-year-old daughter.

On Wednesday, Ashlee Taylor Crawley and James Dee Tripp were arrested and charged with several felonies related to the claims.

Crawley is accused of two counts of molesting children and one count of computer or electronic pornography in violation of the Child Exploitation and Prevention Act of 2007. Tripp is being charged with one count of trying to kill a child and one count of trying to molest a kid.

A news statement from the Grovetown Police Department says that the investigation into the couple began when the police got a “cybertip” from the MeetMe chat app. The person who gave the information told the police that people on the platform were “trying to get men in the area to have sex with their 2-year-old daughter.”

The police said that as the probe went on, they found out that Crawley “had been making sexually explicit “content” and selling it on different online apps.”

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From their probe, police said they also learned that Tripp was “making plans and asking Ms. Crawley for permission to have sexual relations with his own 2-year-old biological daughter.”

Once the parents were caught, all of their children were taken from their home and given to the Division of Family and Children Services to care for.

The police said that the investigation into Crawley and Tripp is still going on and that more charges “are expected” to be brought against them as reported by Law and Crime.

At the moment, both parents are being held in the Columbia County Jail. Online records show that Crawley’s bond was set at $60,000 and Tripp’s bond was set at $50,000.

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