Teen Robbers Arrested in Chicago after String of Robberies on Red Line: Authorities

In accordance with the Chicago Police Department, a young lady of fourteen years of age has been charged with conducting four robberies on the Red Line in the past month, including three on the same day.

It was earlier stated by the Chicago Police Department that a girl of 15 years old was also charged with some of the acts. Among the men who were involved in the incidents, at least two are still at large.

In a statement released on Saturday, the police stated that a woman, who was 23 years old, was robbed and assaulted by a 14-year-old on the Red Line at Cermak-Chinatown at approximately 8:30 p.m. on May 6.

On May 10, they also accused her with assaulting three people on the Red Line of the Chicago Transit Authority. Approximately 12:04 in the morning, a woman who was 22 years old was robbed on 95th Street.

Approximately two hours later, a woman who was 21 years old was assaulted and robbed in the Cermak-Chinatown neighborhood. According to the police, a man who was 29 years old was beaten and robbed at the 79th Street station around 10:45 p.m. There were six individuals involved in the incident.

Due to the fact that they recognized the girl at the Roosevelt station, authorities from the mass transit police department arrested her on Friday. Her criminal charges include four counts of aggravated violence on a transit rider as well as four counts of robbery at the same time.

On May 21, the Chicago Police Department made the announcement that a girl of 15 years old had been charged with all three of the robberies that occurred on May 10 as per CWB News.

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