17-year-old Rapper Dead after He Accidently Pulled Trigger of Gun Playing on Live Stream in Virginia

While making a video for social media, a young rapper pointed a gun at his head and pulled the trigger, killing himself in the course of events.

On May 15, cops told The Post that the 17-year-old rapper had been found dead in Suffolk, Virginia. Police say they think he killed himself with a gun and died from a head wound.

Police wouldn’t say what the dead teen’s name was, but another video going around social media sites showed a rapper from Suffolk named Rylo Huncho dancing with a gun that had a green laser sight on it.

The boy seemed to take the gun’s safety off and point it at himself when a gunshot went off. He was thrown out of the picture as the camera fell.

The next day, a GoFundMe page was made to help Huncho’s mother who was very sad.

“He was her only son!” A cousin of the rapper wrote in the post. “She was a single parent but took care of her son the best she could.”