14-year-old Groped by Teacher in School Hallway; Teacher Arrested and Lawsuit states School ignored Teacher’s Explicit Behaviour in New Jersey

A 14-year-old female student was groped by her teacher in the school hallway. These details emerge from a lawsuit that has been filed by the victim’s parents against the teacher.

Claiming that the district and police were sluggish to act and bungled the issue, several parents have been furious and the charges have driven a wedge amongst the Marlboro, NJ community.

In court documents submitted on May 1 in Monmouth County Superior Court, the family claimed that the girl’s special education language arts teacher, Jenna Sciabica, fondled her on March 13 at Marlboro Memorial Middle School.

The youngster’s family asserted that Sciabica “just happened to be standing in the doorway of her own classroom” and summoned the student as he walked to class.

Sciabica approached the girl as the adolescent strode over, and with one hand, she started pressing her breast. Specifically, the court documents state that she “was poking, touching, massaging, and rubbing the breast.”

A contented grin spread across Jenna Sciabica’s face as this happened, and the teen remained motionless, her hands resting motionlessly by her side, as described in court documents.

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Sciabica yelled for the girl to “come back here I want to feel and touch them again.” Another instructor who witnessed the event overheard Sciabica say this as the girl resisted Sciabica’s hands, “pulling them off her breasts,” and raced down the hallway.

This attack “was.. filmed entirely on camera,” the complaint states.

Sciabica “was already familiar” with the youngster, according to the family’s complaint, since she had been helping out the girl’s special needs younger siblings for over a year.

The family also claimed that the educator “would routinely and openly engage in sexually explicit and flirtatious conversations with female students at the school in her classroom and in front of other teachers.”

During the public meeting of the Marlboro Board of Education on April 16, the mother of the accused victim described Sciabica as a “predator.” The mother went on to say that the board “failed to prevent the atrocity that happened down that hallway.”

The Marlboro Police Department filed a misdemeanor harassment charge against the suspended educator the next day, over a month after the incident, which occurred during the meeting.

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