Mom Claims Male administrator Peeped into Female Restroom in Massachusetts; School took no Action after Photo went Viral

Southbridge, MS: An angry mother in Southbridge, Massachusetts, has stated that she has claimed that a male administrator peeped through the restroom of a high school girl on many occasions.

According to Justine Nordby, who spoke with NBC10 Boston, she mentioned it several months ago, but nothing was done about it. Earlier this week, Nordby’s daughter took a picture of the man who was allegedly peeping into the bathroom at Southbridge High School. Nordby has stated that she has had enough of the situation. However, according to the school, the picture does not depict the man engaging in any inappropriate behavior.

There is an investigation into the incident, according to the Southbridge police, but they were unable to provide any other details. The office of the superintendent claims that there was no violation of any policies.

“He inserted his head into the restroom,” she said. In the picture, it is quite evident that he is looking at my kid,” she asserts.

I don’t think it’s gonna get better. They really need to start watching who they get to look over our children,” Nordby said.

Although Nordby acknowledges that it is necessary to keep an eye on toilets because children frequently congregate in them, she asks, “Why does it have to be him who looks into the girl’s bathroom?” “Why is the male not looking in this direction while the female is not looking in this direction?”

The woman’s daughter, Aliyah Ortiz, who is sixteen years old, claims that she has witnessed this male administrator looking in the girl’s bathroom on multiple occasions. Even though her mother called the school, the incident continued to take place.

The superintendent has stated that they did not discover any infractions of policy or misbehavior in this particular incident.

Additionally, the superintendent mentions that he has the impression that the individual in issue has been unfairly targeted ever since the picture was uploaded on social media.

The inquiry by the police is still ongoing.

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