14-year-old found Stolen Gun and shot 11-year-old Brother Dead; Charged with Manslaughter in St. Petersburg

Tragedy struck when the St. Petersburg Police Department was called to the family home of 11-year-old Amir Williams. According to a statement posted on Facebook, authorities confirmed that Amir had passed away at the scene.

The SPPD stated that Amir was at home with his older brother and 13-year-old sister, as it was a day off from school. They were called to the scene after receiving reports of a “gunshot wound.”

According to the police, the teenager confessed to playing with the gun and unintentionally shooting his younger brother.

“The gun was reported stolen on April 24th in St. Petersburg. The authorities are currently investigating how the 14-year-old came to possess it,” stated the SPPD.

“The investigation is still ongoing and there have been no charges filed yet.”

According to a statement from the police, ABC News has reported that authorities say Amir’s brother discovered the gun in an alley close to their residence. According to the outlet, Amir’s brother stated that he discovered the weapon on his own, and the rest of the family was unaware of its existence.

According to a spokesperson from the St. Petersburg Police Department, there is currently no confirmation from detectives regarding the discovery of the gun by Amir’s brother in an alley.

“The gun was stolen from an unlocked car a few days before Amir’s death, but the identity of the thief remains unknown,” the spokesperson stated.

According to ABC, police are currently collaborating with prosecutors to assess the possibility of pressing criminal charges. Assistant Chief of Police Michael Kovacsev stated on April 26 that there are no current plans to charge Amir’s brother. However, the police department may consult with the State Attorney’s Office in the future regarding possible charges.

According to the police, Amir’s sister contacted their mother to share some important information. After the incident on the interstate, Amir’s mother experienced a car crash that resulted in damage to her vehicle. Following the incident, she decided to take a rideshare home to ensure the well-being of her son.

Amir was a sixth grader at Azalea Middle School and also played as the running back for the St. Pete Little Devils football team. His sister, Zy’Cariyah Williams, expressed her deep affection for him, describing their relationship as filled with constant joy and playfulness.

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