Woman Sentenced for Helping Mother to Kill Teen Mom and Extract Baby from Womb Using Butcher Knife in Chicago

Following her guilty plea, a woman from Chicago was given 30 years in jail for helping her mother kill a pregnant teen in 2019. A butcher knife was used to cut the baby out of the pregnant woman, which was a horrible crime.

In January, Desiree Figueroa, 29, admitted to murdering 19-year-old Marlen Ochoa-Lopez. She said she was involved in the terrible event that led to her death. She had decided to testify against her mother, who was sentenced in April after also admitting to killing her son.

Authorities say Clarisa Figueroa strangled Ochoa-Lopez on April 23, 2019, with a wire. The girl came to her house because she was giving away free clothes for her unborn child. It was getting close to the end of Ochoa-Lopez’s pregnancy.

Calling 911 in a panic, Clarisa Figueroa said she had just given birth and the baby wasn’t breathing. A little over two months later, the child died.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Desiree Figueroa told the cops that she had to cut Ochoa-Lopez’s fingers off the cable during a fight. Then she gave her mother a knife to cut Ochoa-Lopez open and get the baby out. The plea deal she made with authorities called for a 30-year sentence at first.

The authorities say that Clarisa Figueroa told her family she was pregnant soon after her adult son died of natural causes. Several stories say that she had been planning for a long time to have a baby.

She also posted an ultrasound picture and pictures of a room prepared for the baby on her Facebook page. On a Facebook page for expecting moms in March 2019, she and Ochoa-Lopez met.

Authorities found out that Ochoa-Lopez had been to Clarisa Figueroa’s house while they were looking into her missing. Authorities found her car parked nearby after two weeks. According to Desiree Figueroa, she told the cops that her mother had just had a baby.

The child did not belong to Clarisa Figueroa, as DNA tests showed later. Ochoa-Lopez’s body was found in a trash can outside of Figueroa’s house.

The baby’s father, Yovany Lopez, who was married to Ochoa-Lopez, said he couldn’t be in court with Desiree Figueroa when she was sentenced.

A mother from Chicago was given a 50-year prison sentence after killing a pregnant teen and taking the baby out of her womb.