Mom Left Loaded Gun in Motel Bedroom; Son Shot Himself Dead while Playing in Georgia

In Gwinnett County, a mother is being charged with murder after cops said their five-year-old son killed himself with a gun that was left on a motel bed.

Police said there’s no reason to not lock up a gun like this.

When the boy’s mother, Bianca Williams, 26, left the room at the Araamda Inn near Norcross with a loaded gun on the bed, the boy shot himself by mistake.

Williams is now being charged with murder in the second degree.

Gwinnett County police Sgt. Collin Flynn said that adults are charged with murder in these situations if they can show that they were careless.

‘These cases are always very sad and hard for both the police and the family members involved,’ Flynn told Channel 2 Gwinnett County Bureau Chief Matt Johnson.

Police said the gun was on the bed while her three kids were playing in the room. Around 6:30 p.m., police say her five-year-old son took the gun and shot himself.

Flynn said, “You can be charged with murder in the second degree if you do something that is severely careless and the child dies because of it.”

Williams was charged with murder, reckless behavior, and child cruelty by police just hours after the boy died.

Flynn said that parents should keep their guns safe, whether they are at home or in a hotel.

“The parent needs to make sure they’re doing everything they can,” Flynn said. “Whether it’s in a safe or somewhere else in the house that a child can’t reach or get to it.”

Williams is still in jail without a bond.

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