Parents Killed their Infant Daughter in Florida sending Shockwaves in Neighborhood after Heinous Crime

People in Homestead, Florida, are still reeling from the terrible story of Nathan Allen and Arnelle Floyd.

These two young people, both 24 years old, have been charged with the unthinkable: killing their 6-month-old daughter Nalani Adalee Allen and abusing her severely.

There are a lot of disturbing details about this case that make a very sad picture of abuse, neglect, and the death of an innocent person.

Allen and Floyd took their dead baby to the Baptist Health Homestead Hospital on May 10, 2024. The baby had multiple broken ribs that were in different states of healing, as well as many bruises all over her tiny body. The medical staff knew right away that the baby had been severely abused.

Sad to say, Nalani was declared dead less than an hour after she got to the hospital. The people who were supposed to protect her ended her short life.

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After the murder, the autopsy showed how badly Nalani had been beaten. The baby’s torso had “numerous fresh contusions, internal bleeding, large lacerations to internal organs, and blunt force injuries,” according to the forensic investigators. According to the medical examiner’s report, Nalani’s death was caused by murder, which makes it clear that this was a planned and horrible act.

When police first asked Allen and Floyd about Nalani, they both said she had been healthy and hadn’t been hurt or fallen before. But the things that were found at their house tell a very different story.

Police carried out a search warrant and found a house that was a mess, with fist-sized holes in the walls and dents in the fridge that looked like they were caused by fights.

Neighbors confirmed the reports of domestic violence at the Allen-Floyd home, saying that the fights were “violent, with things and/or people being thrown into walls around the residence.” This trend of violence and abuse in the home makes the terrible things that happened to little Nalani even scarier.

Her nurse had checked on Nalani just two days before she died and said that, even though she was underweight, she “did not show any signs of bruising or broken bones.” The big difference between how the baby was in the hospital and how she was at her most recent checkup makes me worry about when and how the abuse happened that killed her.

Based on a lot of proof, Local 10 says that Nathan Allen and Arnelle Floyd were arrested by Miami-Dade police on Wednesday and charged with first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse.

The couple was taken to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, where they are being held without bond while they face the terrible effects of what they did.

An investigation into the Allen-Floyd home has found a disturbing pattern of domestic violence. According to what neighbors have said, the area is very unstable and abusive, with reports of “violent disputes” and “items and/or people being thrown into walls.”

It’s possible that this history of violence played a big part.

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