Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date: Confirmed or Not?

After a prolonged amount of time during which there was no information on the development of Yellowstone, Paramount Network has just provided fans with a lot to be thrilled over. The megahit rancher drama shall resume for a Yellowstone season 5, the network fully announced by early February. They then raised the stakes by revealing that the fifth season will indeed be somewhat more.

The program has always been a rating powerhouse; by 2021, it ranked as the top program throughout the network, cable, including premium, with an astounding 11 million viewers turning in on estimate each week.

The series’s Beth Dutton, played by Kelly Reilly, helped open with Vulture regarding Yellowstone season 5 in June, dropping some intriguing indications about the upcoming season.

In addition, the Jeremy Renner-starring Mayor of Kingstown as well as the Yellowstone spinoff program 1883 have benefited from Yellowstone’s reputation. The two also remained the most-streamed series on the platform, both of which were developed by Taylor Sheridan, plus they are exclusively available on Paramount Plus.

So let’s check our awareness of the forthcoming season.

Yellowstone Season 5: When Is the New Season Coming?

Yellowstone season 5

Peacock will soon be airing the fifth season of Yellowstone, just in time for the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Peacock, a popular streaming service, revealed on Tuesday (May 9) that the premiere date for the fifth and final season of the critically acclaimed series will be May 25.

The announcement comes just a few days after fans found out that Yellowstone will officially come to an end following its fifth season.

Following the premiere of the new episodes of the Western series on the Paramount Network in November, another Yellowstone prequel will make its appearance in December. The series stars Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser, Wes Bentley, Kelsey Asbille, and Luke Grimes.

Yellowstone Season 5: What Will Be the Storyline of the New Season?

Yellowstone season 5

As we don’t know the storyline for the forthcoming season, we can only assume that it will continue from season 4. To better comprehend the next possible storyline for Yellowstone season 5, let’s take a tour through season 4.

John Dutton awakens out of a coma inside the hospital when season 4 begins, a few months later. The other family members are all still alive, but they are all experiencing various difficulties. Beth was burned by the fire on the back, while Kayce is attempting to comfort Monica and Tate who are terrified.

Beth encounters Carter, a teenager whose father overdoses, during caring for her father. She extends an invitation to Carter to work and live just on the ranch. They’ll need to have the extra help since John sends Jimmy to Texas Ranch 6666 after a last attempt to try becoming a real cowboy after he recovers from some other mishap involving a charging horse.

Market Equity is starting work on the airport it plans to build as part of the campaign to prevent the sale of Yellowstone, and Caroline Warner, a new CEO who will be in charge of everything, is moving to Montana.

Caroline provides Beth a position so that she will work for them rather than against them; however, Beth’s first devotion has always been to her father, thus she takes advantage of the chance to study further Market Equity’s strategy and attempt to thwart it from within.

These tactics include utilizing John Dutton-friendly environmentalists as little more than a pawn in organizing a protest against Market Equity‘s construction site that eventually garners public attention.

To aid Kayce with his family overcome their difficulties and also share this information with John concerning whose been hired to assault him and his family, Thomas Rainwater as well as the Duttons keep on putting their once-current and probably-future enmity on wait.

Yellowstone season 5

According to the information, an inmate planned the assault on the Duttons, but before this, he doesn’t seem to have had any association with them.

Even though things between them are still strained, John sent Kayce to Jamie to request assistance in speaking with the prisoner. Jamie nods in agreement but soon realizes that one of the prisoner’s former cellmates had been Garrett Randle, who is his real father. Jamie tries to approach him, but he isn’t sure which parent he wishes to be truly devoted to. He doesn’t address John but lets Randle live.

When Governor Perry chooses to run for the Senate and must support a replacement, things become even more challenging. She originally promises John that she will back Jamie, but John thinks that was a bad idea and only grudgingly agrees to support Jamie. Jamie is surprised when he learns the news, but he makes an effort to come up with a plan to escape.

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Beth gets removed from Market Equity at the end of the season when her activities are made public, although she has bigger problems to solve. When she finds out the truth regarding their assailant, she uses it to coerce Jamie into killing Randle under the threat of her owning him. Beth marries Rip to cap off her hectic two days.

About Yellowstone Season 5, many questions remain in our thoughts, like whether the land dispute between Market Equity as well as the Duttons will indeed be resolved, whether John will keep running for governor nowadays that Jamie has rejoined the fray, and also how Kayce’s plan will indeed be carried out. Now let us wait for the season to arrive for the time being.

Yellowstone Season 5: Who Will Be Seen in the New Season?

Yellowstone season 5

As for the main cast members, we will get to see Jefferson White in the role of Jimmy Hurdstrom, Gil Birmingham will be portraying Thomas Rainwater, Forrie J. Smith will be seen as Lloyd, Denim Richards will play Colby, Ian Bohen as Ryan, Ryan Bingham in the role of Walker, Finn Little will be seen as Carter with Jen Landon as Teeter and Kathryn Kelly as Emily.

Additional cast members scheduled to feature in season 5 have been reported by The Wrap. There will also be additional flashback scenes because of them, including Josh Lucas‘ return to playing little John Dutton, Kylie Rogers‘ portrayal of young Beth Dutton, and Kyle Red Silverstein’s appearance as younger Rip Wheeler.


In conclusion, Yellowstone fans have a lot to look forward to with the upcoming fifth season. The premiere date has been set for May 25, giving viewers something to anticipate over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. While the exact storyline remains unknown, it is expected to pick up from the events of Season 4, where the Dutton family faced various challenges and conflicts.

The returning cast, along with some new additions, promises to deliver another thrilling chapter in this critically acclaimed series. As we eagerly await the new season, there are many unanswered questions and exciting possibilities to anticipate.