WoW TBC Phase 4 Preview

Phase 3 is still ongoing, but a lot of raiders are preparing for the next big bad boss coming in Phase 4. What does the next stage of WoW TBC have in store for gamers?

Just a few weeks after Phase 3 of World of Warcraft’s vintage version was released, fans are now hungry for more. With the set release of Phase 4 coming in on April 16, players are getting ready for newer raids and boss dungeons so that they can farm WoW TBC gold. Here is what we know so far about the updates for the Burning Crusade:

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic’s Phase 4

The 4th Phase of WoW TBC is set to drop in a few weeks, and a lot of players are prepping for the next new raid boss, Zul’Aman. This phase also features a lot of good ways for returning players and new adventurers to catch up in the game since this stage will provide players with a lot of WoW TBC items to even the field. This is definitely a good thing for the community, especially for those who are preparing for the Wrath of the Lich King.

The main highlight of Phase 4 is the introduction of Zul’Aman. This boss will be a 10-man raid that will drop a huge number of Badges of Justice. Unlike Phase 3 which features two 25-man raids and another 10-man raid, the fourth stage of the expansion focuses mainly on easing up the progression of returning characters. This approach made the quality of gaming life even better for players who are coming back to the game.

Phase 4 is introducing a new vendor in the vintage version named G’eras. This merchant will sell newbie or decent items in exchange for Badges of Justice. These equipment sets from G’eras are amazing and very helpful for raiders who are under-geared. All raid bosses starting from Karazhan up to Zul’Aman will start dropping badges so that returning players can quickly catch up.

What is nice about these sets of gear is that they are rumored to be viable for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Under geared players and returning, characters can hold on to these items until they get to level 80 and get new equipment to upgrade. To be on the safe side, it is ideal for gamers to farm as much as Badges of Justice to get a full set of merchandise from G’eras.

Another nice bonus from this phase is the highly sought-after mount. Zul’Aman has a chance to drop the very rare epic mount the Amani War Bear which can be acquired by doing the timed events. Fortunately, these timed events have a short cooldown of three days, so players can run them two or three times a week.

Unfortunately for PvP aficionados, there won’t be a new Arena Season for this phase of the game. Phase 3 already started the 3rd Season of the Arena, so Phase 4 will simply be the continuation of the current league. The next chapter for the Arena will begin at the start of Phase 5. This stage will span from April 16 until June 15.

The Current Roadmap

The Burning Crusade Classic will feature five phases. Once players reach the 5th stage of the expansion, Wrath of the Lich King will be the next expansion to get a re-run. Here’s a recap of the roadmap for all the phases:

  • Phase 1: Karazhan (10-man), Gruul (25-man), and Magtheridon (25-man) along with eight dungeons are unlocked.
  • Phase 2: Serpent Shrine Cavern (25-man) and Tempest Keep (25-man), as well as Season 2 of the Arena, are available.
  • Phase 3: Battle for Mount Hyjal (25-man) and Black Temple (25-man) along with the new Season 3 of the Arena are unlocked.
  • Phase 4: Zul’Aman (10-man) and catch-up gear will be available
  • Phase 5: Quel’Danas (zone), Magister’s Terrace (5-man), and Sunwell Plateau (25-man) will be available.

As the vintage version reaches enters the final two phases of TBC, players are getting hyped up for the release of WotLK. It won’t be long until the expansion is teased. In the meantime, raiders should enjoy what are available now, and they should save enough WoW TBC gold in the current phases. This is to ensure that they are well-prepared when Wrath of the Lich King comes out.

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