Woman Shot Multiple Times By Deputies in Texas; Police Say Case of Mistaken Identity

Harris County, TX: A shooting incident occurred at an apartment complex in east Harris County, resulting in a 28-year-old woman sustaining multiple gunshot wounds.

The incident took place around 2:06 a.m. Deputies swiftly responded to an urgent call reporting a burglary in progress that posed a potential threat to life. Following the resolution of the previous incident, law enforcement officials were alerted to another burglary in progress at the same location.

Upon reaching the second floor of the apartment where the reported burglary occurred, deputies noticed clear indications of forced entry, according to authorities. With a firm knock on the door, they took a step back and peered through a window, only to find someone approaching with a weapon in hand.

Amidst the perceived threat, the two deputies swiftly resorted to their firearms, resulting in multiple shots being fired and the woman being struck. After the shooting incident, additional support was requested, and the deputies swiftly administered life-saving measures until emergency medical services arrived.

There were two individuals present in the apartment, one being the leaseholder and the other a guest. A 28-year-old woman was injured in the gunfire. The second individual, a female, did not sustain any injuries.

The injured woman is currently in stable condition and is receiving medical treatment for her wounds, despite the seriousness of her injuries.

Following the shooting, multiple investigative units were present at the scene, including the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Homicide Division, Internal Affairs Division, Crime Scene Investigators, and the District Attorney’s office. They conducted comprehensive examinations of the area.

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