SWAT & Police Joint Operation Leads To 7 Arrests in Leander, Texas

Leander, TX: The Marble Falls Police Department had a huge success after arresting 7 individuals involved in a drug ring.  A SWAT team was called for the operation.

The Marble Falls Police Department (MFPD) stated that its officers, along with officers from the Leander Police Department, collaborated with the Central Texas Regional SWAT Team to carry out a search warrant for narcotics and firearms at approximately 6 a.m. on Friday. The operation took place in the 2800 block of Parkview Drive.

The MFPD reported that seven individuals residing in the house were detained. The department clarified that any loud noises reported by neighbors in the vicinity were distraction devices commonly employed in such operations, rather than actual gunshots.

According to MFPD, Leander police will be responsible for answering any inquiries on the investigation or future charges.

Currently, the department has not released any further information about the arrested individuals and the circumstances leading to the arrests.

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