Woman Escaped from Grave after Husband Buried her Alive in Washington, Husband Sentenced after she called Cops

Chae Kyong An pleaded guilty to second-degree attempted murder in March for the October 2022 attack, according to authorities.

In a statement, the estranged wife revealed that she managed to escape from the makeshift grave after enduring 12 long hours.

During the court hearing, the woman expressed the ongoing impact of the attack on her life.
A man from Washington State has been sentenced to over 13 years in prison for a crime committed in 2022. The man buried his estranged wife alive, but she managed to escape miraculously.

A 54-year-old individual named Chae Kyong An has been sentenced to 165 months in prison and three years of community custody, according to authorities in Thurston County, Washington.

The sentencing follows his guilty plea to second-degree attempted murder, as reported by KING 5 and The Olympian.

According to The Olympian, court documents reveal a disturbing incident in October 2022 involving An’s estranged wife. She was subjected to a brutal assault, including being beaten, stabbed, and bound with duct tape. Tragically, An then proceeded to bury her alive in a wooded area. During the attack, she managed to contact emergency services using her Apple Watch, according to the outlet.

In a statement given in court on Monday, the woman revealed that she had been trapped in the makeshift grave for a duration of 12 hours after her burial.

Following her escape from the bindings, she swiftly made her way through the woods to a residence in Olympia shortly after midnight. There, she urgently sought assistance by vigorously knocking on their door, as reported by the Lacey police.

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According to authorities, she informed residents about a terrifying incident where she was abducted from her home by An and taken into the woods, with An allegedly attempting to harm her. During the sentencing hearing on Monday, the woman provided additional details of the traumatic incident.

During the attack, she desperately begged An to release her and consider their children, but he allegedly disregarded her pleas, as stated in her statement.

According to The Olympian and FOX 13 Seattle, charges of attempted murder, domestic violence, kidnapping, assault, and felony harassment were initially filed against an individual.
According to The Olympian, An admitted to intentionally harming his wife and kidnapping her, before placing her in a hole in the woods and covering her with branches.

The victim expresses the profound impact the attack has had on her life and her kids.

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