Why Did Yas Break-up With Jules in Rye Lane? The Real Reason Yas Ended Things With Jules!

In Rye Lane, Dom eagerly asks Yas to share her break-up story because she ended things with her boyfriend before it could hurt her, unlike him. Yas revealed that she went through something similar recently, but didn’t feel depressed like Dom did.

She had been with her boyfriend for a year, and she was the one who ended things, which may be why she didn’t feel as bad about it. Instead, she felt a sense of relief and empowerment.


Yas couldn’t understand how Dom didn’t see any signs that he and Gia weren’t meant to be together. Dom admitted that he thought they were perfect and asked Yas if she saw her break-up coming. This article will cover all the details about Yas’ break-up with Jules.

Why Did Yas Break-up With Jules In Rye Lane?

Vivian Oparah is in the role of Yas. Yas saw evidence that she and her lover weren’t destined to be together when he didn’t wave at people on a boat since she believes there are only two types of people in the world: those who wave and those who despise happiness.

Later, Dom inquires about Yas’s breakup story, ecstatic that she has rapidly moved on and deemed it iconic. Although Yas attempts to clarify that her narrative is not particularly profound, she tells it to Dom when she learns of his own breakup.

Why Did Yas Break-up With Jules in Rye Lane

Nathan’s pal Jules is the ex-boyfriend of Yas. Jules is a sculptor and artistic polymath. Their love had become stale, and Yas attempted to reignite the spark, but Jules disregarded her and insulted her handmade hummus-scented breath.

Yas continued to exert hard, but Jules mocked her musical preferences, notably her preference for A Tribe Called Quest. Yas suppressed her fury until Jules mentioned an essay claiming that hip-hop fosters negative Black stereotypes by fostering violence.

In the heat of the moment, Yas broke his relationship with Jules by splashing him with homemade hummus. Her sole error was leaving her CD of A Tribe Called Quest’s record “The Low-End Theory” at Jules’ flat.

What Was the Real Reason Behind Yas Break-up?

Dom and Yas’ goal is to retrieve Yas’ copy of The Low-End Theory Back to break into Jules’ flat. However, they are apprehended by Jules and Tabby, who had recently returned from a holiday overseas. Jules is upset with Yas for breaking into his flat and urges Dom to avoid her, stating that her petty conduct will only bring him down.

Whoever does not give the other enough significance in their connection is the subject of their dispute. Yas believes that Jules was only concerned with himself and his art, whilst Jules believes that Yas was incapable of understanding his creative challenges.

Dom attempts to get Yas’ favorite music and defend her during the tumult, but they are ultimately evicted from the flat. Later on, Jules admits to feeling awful about how their relationship ended, but after witnessing Yas break into his flat, he understands he made the correct decision.

Nevertheless, it is later revealed that Yas lied about being the one who broke up with Jules; in reality, he was the one who ended their relationship.

Why Did Yas Break-up With Jules in Rye Lane

She struggled to recover from the breakup, spending weeks in the same joggers, weeping, and eating sausage rolls while leaving Jules frantic voicemails.

She even followed Tabby, Jules’ new girlfriend, and liked an old photo of her on her mother’s Facebook account. Cass knew the truth, but Yas was too ashamed to tell Dom because she hoped to rebuild their relationship. He had unfortunately lost interest.

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