Who Are the 5 Most Potent Demon Slayer Characters? Here’s All You Want to Know About Them!

You have to be tough to run with the Demon Slayers, but who is the most strong of this manga’s elite combat order? Let’s Find Out!

The realm of Demon Slayer (or Kimetsu No Yaiba) is comprised with very strong characters. The famous manga book quickly exposed readers to the mighty Slayers of the Demon Slayer Corps as well as some crazily fierce demons, following the narrative of Kamado Tannjiro, a child who chooses to battle demons after they kill his family and change his sister into a demon.

While fans will undoubtedly have favorites among this large cast, here are our recommendations for the most strong Demon Slayer characters.

Nezuko Kamado

While both Kokushibou and Muzan Kibutsuji are extremely powerful Demons in terms of physical strength and combat skill, power may take many forms, even among Demons. Muzan Kibutsuji converted Nezuko Kamado into a demon while retaining part of her human emotion and loyalty. Despite her Demon form’s enormous power, Nezuko refuses to utilize her might to hurt people and remains loyal to her brother and companions. Resisting a demon metamorphosis requires a certain type of fortitude, and Nezuko Kamado deserves to be recognized for her willpower.


While some Demons appear to have kept some semblance of feeling or even a semblance of moral scruples, Doma, a vicious Top Two Demon, has not.

who is the strongest person in demon slayer

Despite suffering horrendous injuries throughout his life (including having his entire jaw blown off), Doma never developed empathy and really relished inflicting immense misery on others during the Demon Slayer series. His sadism compels him to go to extraordinary lengths to inflict misery, making him a Demon that everyone should be wary of.

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Muzan Kibutsuji

Even though Kokushibou was considered a formidable demon, he couldn’t compete with Muzan Kibutsuji, the original Demon and major adversary of Demon Slayer. Muzan does not appear to be a very strong entity at first appearance, despite being guilty of several crimes, including the murder of Tanjiro Kamado’s family and the transformation of his sister into a Demon. He’s been known to disguise himself as a frail youngster to conceal his actual strength.

Muzan, being the first Demon, possesses enormous physical power and can nearly rapidly recoup from any fight damage. His narcissism and arrogance have frequently led him to equate himself to a natural force, which may be an exaggeration, but those who come in his way may disagree.


Clearly, the Demon Slayer Corps does not have complete control over the world of Kimetsu No Yaiba; the demons they fight are also extremely powerful (sometimes to frightening degrees). Kokushibou, the most powerful of the Twelve Kizuki, falls under this group. He was a talented and crafty swordsman before becoming a demon. Furthermore, after fighting for hundreds of years, he had learned a great lot about combat tactics, especially when dealing with Demon Slayers.

who is the strongest person in demon slayer

One of the reason Kokushibou was so powerful was that he always sought greater and better strength throughout his life. Finally, his desire earned him immense authority, but it diverted him from his initial goal of being a honorable samurai. That only goes to show how a single-minded goal may cause you to lose sight of what you genuinely want.

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Gyomei Himejima

Blind warriors who developed a better command of their talents while adjusting for a perceived handicap were commonly praised in Japanese mythology. Gyomei Himejima, the Stone Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps, employs the Breath of Stone technique to wield his lethal strong-hand axe. Gynomei’s physical abilities are outstanding, but his hearing has improved to the point that he can use the smallest noises to lead him in fight.

who is the strongest person in demon slayer

Several Corps members, as well as the demon Kokushibo, regard Gyomei as the most strong Demon Slayer, which is saying a lot. Despite his strength, Gyomei is also incredibly compassionate and religious, demonstrating that power does not necessarily exist in naturally harmful individuals.

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