Where to Spend St. Valentine’s Day in Europe?

The most gentle and touching winter holiday is St. Valentine’s Day. It is a wonderful event, which is another reason to express your sincere feelings, to confess your love to your soulmate. Who does not dream of being in some amazing place? Of course, everyone would like to celebrate so that this day would be fabulous, romantic, and unforgettable.

One of the most impressive options for a breathtaking holiday when Ukrainian women dating is a trip to Europe. After all, it is travel that brings the most pleasant impressions and emotions. Still not decided where to go on February 14? Let’s take a closer look at the brightest locations for a romantic trip.


The Italian city is renowned for its romantic atmosphere and can be the perfect place to celebrate on February 14th. The patron saint of Terni is Saint Valentine of Interamn. According to legend, in this city, he married the Roman legionaries with their beloved. Having learned about the forbidden actions of the priest, the Emperor ordered his execution. It is in memory of this man that all lovers of our planet celebrate a holiday on February 14. Thus, paying tribute to Saint Valentine. Therefore, it will be surprisingly pleasant and interesting to come to Terni to celebrate and spend St. Valentine’s Day in such a significant place.


Verona is the city of Romeo and Juliet. Couples from all over the world traditionally come here in mid-February to get a dose of romance. It hosts many festivals, parades, fairs, and holiday shows. Be sure to watch one of the many performances in Juliet’s courtyard, buy delicious sweets and original souvenirs in Piazza Signoria. Don’t forget to enjoy a glass of dry red wine with Brie or Parmesan. On St. Valentine’s Day discounts are offered in Verona restaurants and hotels, which is a pleasant bonus. Also, not far from Verona, the famous Venice Carnival takes place. Visiting Venice, you can get a lot of vivid impressions. As you can see, there are many reasons for celebrating in this particular place — in the city of young lovers Romeo and Juliet.


Everyone knows that in the list of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris is in first place. In this city, even the most callous people turn into romantics. After all, it is here that hearts are filled with love and tenderness.

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Paris, getting the most of the experience?

  1. Visit the city’s most recognizable landmark, the Eiffel Tower, for an unforgettable view.
  2. Visit the oldest and most romantic area, Montmartre. The Wall of Love is located in this area. Here, every year on February 14, lovers release white doves.
  3. Be sure to leave a lock on the Bridge of Lovers, as a sign of your sincere feelings. Also, have a romantic outdoor picnic.

St. Valentine’s Day in Paris will be unforgettable for every couple. After all, the French capital is saturated with a charming atmosphere of love and romance.


The stunningly beautiful French city of Bordeaux, located on the picturesque banks of the Garonne River, attracts tourists from all over the world. Celebration in this city will wrap lovers in an extraordinary atmosphere of romance and tenderness! Unsurpassed French cuisine, exquisite aromatic Bordeaux wines, and the amazing flair of Port de la Lune will become a magical addition to your trip. This place is rightfully considered one of the most romantic corners of our planet.


Many beautiful words have been said about the Czech capital. It is an amazing city with many castles, bridges, gardens, parks, and thousands of kissing spots. All the majesty of Prague can be seen from observation platforms, towers, and steeples. Tourists are attracted here by the romance of Prague’s old streets, as well as mystical excursions and gastronomic tours. Where else, if not in Prague, can you confess your love and make a marriage proposal? A romantic trip to this city will be unforgettable for all couples in love.


The capital of the Netherlands will enchant couples in love with its picturesque canals, many small shops, and cozy cafés. This harmonious ensemble creates the necessary atmosphere and makes you fall in love with Amsterdam once and for all. You can enjoy St. Valentine’s Day by taking a boat ride or visiting one of the atmospheric cafés near the Prinsengracht Canal. Also, an unforgettable experience awaits you after visiting numerous museums of the city. Amsterdam is renowned for its vibrant nightlife. It is never boring here. Many street performers and bands entertain guests in bars and restaurants, even at night.