What happened to Rocky Johnson? How Did he Died?

Rocky Johnson, a WWE Hall of Famer and former WWF Tag Team Champion, died on Wednesday at the age of 75. After the news broke, many wrestlers, promoters, and promotions expressed their condolences, but no details on his death were provided. Then, on Thursday, Associated Press writer Dan Gelston spoke with Johnson’s close friend Brian Blair (better known as B. Brian Blair in the Killer Bees tag team), who revealed that Johnson had been battling an illness just before his death.

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Rocky Johnson, a WWE Hall of Famer, died as a result of a blood clot, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

rocky johnson cause of death

On Wednesday, the wrestling world mourned the death of one of the true pioneers of professional wrestling, ‘Soulman’ Rocky Johnson, who died at the age of 75 at his home in Lutz, Florida.
Former WWE star Brian Blair told The Times that Johnson died as a result of a “blood clot that traveled from his leg into his lung,” before adding that he died of natural causes.”
Blair previously told the Wrestling Observer that Johnson had flu-like symptoms for two weeks before his death.

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“He was just feeling a little under the weather, he thought he had the flu or something,” Blair explained to the outlet. “‘You need to get checked out, Rocky,’ I said. He assured me that he would be fine. Then he skipped church a few days ago. When I spoke with him again, he said he was still not feeling well and that he missed church. He was still not checked out. I spoke with Sheila, who said he was just being stubborn. He died today at home.”

rocky johnson cause of deathy

Johnson wrestled for the National Wrestling Alliance from 1964 to 1991. He wrestled for Vince McMahon in the World Wrestling Federation from 1982 to 1985, and he and Tony Atlas became the first black tag team to hold the WWF Tag Team Championships in 1983.

Numerous wrestlers, promoters, and promotions have expressed their condolences since the news broke.

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WWE is saddened to learn that Rocky ‘Soul Man‘ Johnson (born Wayde Douglas Bowles), a WWE Hall of Famer and former World Tag Team Champion, has died at the age of 75,” the company said in a statement. “WWE expresses our heartfelt condolences to Johnson’s family, friends, and fans.”

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