Utah Man Abducted Two Teen Girls and Took them to a Hotel; Arrested by Authorities after another Customer gave Tip to Cops

A man was charged with kidnapping after being caught with girls under the age of 18 in Hurricane

When police in Hurricane found a guy with two young girls at a hotel, they charged him with kidnapping them.

Theral Hammon was arrested on Thursday after police in Hurricane were called to a report of an adult man in a suspicious vehicle trying to get young girls to get inside.

Later, the police found the car in the Super 8 hotel parking lot. Inside, they found two girls, 12 and 13, in a room. In the parking lot, Hammon was found inside the car. He told police that he had picked up the 13-year-old from her grandmother’s house in Colorado City, Arizona.

Police said Hammon left with the girl without getting approval from her parent, who had told the girl not to go.

Police talked to the 12-year-old girl, who said that Hammon and the other girl met at the home of a friend in Hurricane. The 12-year-old said that the girls were told by adults not to get in the car with Hammon, but they did it anyway.

He said that Hammon had tried to get the girls to smoke methamphetamine and weed with him. The 13-year-old is thought to be a runaway from Arizona. “Tried to force himself onto her by taking his hand and reaching in between her legs,” she said, according to the police report.

He was charged with kidnapping because he took the 13-year-old girl without her guardian’s approval. He also faces several drug charges and two charges of keeping a runaway child.