Economics Teacher Slept with High School Student; Sent to Prison for Alleged Child Predator Tendency

Heather Hare, 33, of Conway, was given 13 years in federal prison because she took a minor across state lines to do sexual behavior that was against the law. Hare was given his term earlier today by US District Judge Lee P. Rudofsky.

The investigation into Hare showed that he taught Family and Consumer Science at Bryant High School and met the victim when they were a junior, on their first day of school. Hare started counseling the young victim one-on-one. Eventually, she gave them her personal phone number and mostly talked to them on Instagram and Snapchat.

Afterward, Hare told the child victim that she had a dream that they were having sex and gave the victim her Conway home address. During the 2021–2022 school year, Hare and the minor victim slept together 20–30 times. This included several times at her home in Conway, in her car, and in her classroom and parking lots at Bryant High School.

After school, Hare paid for and accompanied students on a field trip to Washington, D.C., from April 21 to April 24, 2022. The trip was tied to the Family Consumer Science classes she taught. Hare admitted that she did the illegal sexual act with the young victim while they were on the field trip.

Hare was charged on August 1, 2023, with one count of traveling between states or countries to engage in prostitution or sexual activity by force and one count of transporting a minor with the plan to engage in sexual activity that is illegal. The other charge was dropped in exchange for her guilty plea.

Judge Rudofsky also gave Hare a life sentence of being released under supervision. Hare could have gotten at least 10 years in prison, up to life in prison, and at least five years of supervised release for taking a minor to do sexual behavior that was against the law.