U.S. Forces Escalate Strikes Against Houthi Rebels in Yemen

The United States has intensified its military actions against the Houthi rebels in Yemen, launching new strikes as the conflict escalates. The U.S. military’s Central Command (CENTCOM) confirmed the use of Tomahawk missiles from the USS Carney to target a Houthi radar site.

These attacks are a continuation of a series of strikes initiated by the U.S. and the United Kingdom, aimed at disabling Houthi military sites across Yemen. The purpose of these strikes is to prevent the group from attacking commercial and military vessels in the Red Sea​​.

Specifics of the Strike

The U.S. operation involved more than 150 precision-guided munitions, targeting various Houthi assets including weapons depots, launch sites, air defense radars, command and control nodes, and production facilities.

The strikes were conducted using U.S. Navy ships like the USS Gravely, USS Philippine Sea, USS Mason, and an Ohio-class submarine, in addition to fighter jets from the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier and U.S. Air Force jets.

The UK also participated with Typhoon fighter jets targeting a drone launch site and an airfield used by the Houthis​​.

The Houthi Response and U.S. Warning

Despite these extensive strikes, the Houthis have vowed to retaliate, and U.S. officials anticipate possible counteractions. The White House has warned of additional consequences if Houthi attacks continue.

President Joe Biden emphasized the U.S. commitment to respond to the Houthis’ “outrageous behavior” in collaboration with allies. The recent U.S. strikes were a response to Houthi attacks on shipping lanes in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, which involved drones, cruise missiles, and a ballistic missile​​.

Impact of the Strikes and International Reaction

The U.S. and UK strikes are the first direct military intervention by the U.S. in response to drone and missile attacks on commercial ships since the onset of Israel’s war on Gaza. The strikes have led to the destruction of several Houthi military capabilities, but concerns about further escalation remain.

While some nations like the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, and Bahrain have supported the U.S. actions, others like Italy, Spain, and France have refrained from participation, fearing a wider conflict escalation​​​​.

The recent U.S. strikes against the Houthi rebels in Yemen represent a significant escalation in the ongoing conflict. While aimed at protecting commercial and military shipping in the Red Sea, these actions have raised concerns about the potential for further escalation and retaliation.

The international community remains divided on the approach to this conflict, with some nations supporting the U.S. and others calling for caution to prevent a broader regional conflict.