Twins Found Dead In Car On I-95 In Miami-Dade, Mother In Critical Condition

Miami-Dade; FL: Authorities have confirmed the unfortunate passing of two children discovered unresponsive in a silver van on the northbound Interstate 95 ramp to the Turnpike Extension at the Golden Glades interchange early Friday.

A woman, identified as Shirlene Alcime, was urgently taken to HCA Florida Aventura Hospital and is currently listed in critical condition as of Friday evening.

Her husband was deeply shocked by the unexpected revelation.

“I’m not sure what occurred,” stated Milson Cadet, who recognized the youngsters as 3-year-old twins Milendhere Gabriel Napoleon Cadet and Milenjhit Gabriella Napoleon Cadet. I started my workday bright and early at 5 a.m. on Thursday, and later returned home. I didn’t find my wife or the kids at home. We have a workplace. I verified at the office. At around midnight, she was nowhere to be found at the office. I began reaching out to her via phone. She didn’t answer the call.

Miami-Dade police reported receiving a call about an unresponsive child in a vehicle around 2 a.m. Soon after, they were informed of another call reporting an unresponsive child.

Upon the arrival of our units, a female driver was promptly located at the scene. She was behind the wheel of the vehicle where these young individuals were found. “The adult female went over the railing to the on-ramp onto the railroad tracks, which is a considerable distance,” stated Miami-Dade police Detective Andre Martin.

“The young individuals found in the backseat of the vehicle were taken to a nearby hospital. Despite the best medical efforts, they were pronounced deceased,” he stated.

The children were a pair of fraternal twins, a boy and a girl, who were 3 years old. The cause of death for the children has not been revealed by the police.

“Not only in my role as a police officer, but also as a father. Regardless of the circumstances, any incident that leads to the tragic loss of a child is incredibly challenging. Martin expressed his condolences to the family of these children.

The police have closed the ramp that is also used to access westbound SR 826 during their investigation. The establishment has since reopened.

The train tracks beneath the interchange were also affected. Tri-Rail has advised passengers to anticipate delays in that area. A temporary solution was implemented to link the two nearest stations.

Martin clarified that the individual who made the call was not the driver, but rather a bystander in a different vehicle.

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