Top 9 Most Memorable Small Towns In Indiana

Indiana, often celebrated for its vast cornfields and the famous Indianapolis 500, is also home to several small towns that boast unique charm and character.

These towns, with their rich histories, artistic communities, and stunning natural landscapes, offer memorable experiences that are quintessentially Hoosier. Here’s a guide to nine of the most memorable small towns in Indiana, each offering its own unique slice of Midwestern life.

  1. Shipshewana: Known for its Amish community, Shipshewana is a town where time seems to stand still. Visitors can experience the simplicity and charm of the past with horse-drawn carriage tours, explore the Midwest’s largest flea market, and learn about Amish and Mennonite history at the Menno-Hof Museum. The Dutch Creek Farm Animal Park is a delight for animal lovers, offering wagon rides and animal feeding opportunities​​.
  2. Goshen: Referred to as “The Maple City,” Goshen is a picturesque town famous for its abundance of maple trees. The Pumpkinvine Nature Trail offers a scenic route for biking and walking, winding through the town and stretching towards Middlebury and Shipshewana​​.
  3. Huntingburg: Dubbed the “Hollywood of the Midwest,” Huntingburg has been the filming location for several movies, including “A League of Their Own.” Visitors can watch a game at the stadium where the movie was filmed, adding a touch of Hollywood to their visit​​.
  4. Greencastle: Home to DePauw University, Greencastle offers a blend of art, culture, and great food. The town is also known for hosting one of Indiana’s most spectacular murals, adding a vibrant artistic flair to its historic charm​​.
  5. Nashville: This town is the heart of the Brown County Art Colony, established in 1907. Nashville is a haven for artists and art lovers, with galleries and cultural sites dotting the picturesque community​​​​.
  6. French Lick: Famous for the French Lick Resort and Casino, this town offers a blend of historic charm and modern entertainment. Visitors can enjoy scenic train rides on the French Lick Scenic Railway, which showcases the beauty of the Hoosier National Forest​​.
  7. Corydon: Once the capital of Indiana, Corydon is steeped in history. The town boasts numerous historic sites, including the Capital State Historic Site and the Hayswood Nature Reserve, offering a mix of cultural heritage and natural beauty​​.
  8. Chesterton: Just a stone’s throw from the Indiana Dunes National Park, Chesterton is the perfect gateway to exploring the park’s sandy beaches and towering dunes. The town itself, with its inviting downtown area, is a hub of unique shops, restaurants, and a vibrant arts scene​​.
  9. Roanoke: Located in northeastern Indiana, Roanoke is a charming small town known for its beautifully preserved historic buildings and welcoming community. The town’s streets are lined with appealing shops and eateries, offering a delightful small-town experience​​.

Each of these towns in Indiana offers a unique and memorable experience, reflecting the state’s diverse heritage and natural beauty. From the Amish lifestyle of Shipshewana to the artistic ambiance of Nashville and the historic significance of Corydon, these small towns are a testament to Indiana’s rich cultural tapestry.

Whether you’re an art enthusiast, history buff, or nature lover, Indiana’s small towns are sure to provide an unforgettable escape.