top 6 Worst Traffic Lights In The Hudson Valley

Are these the worst traffic signals in the Hudson Valley to wait for a green light?

Everybody has experienced it once or twice: you are driving when the traffic signal turns red as you get closer to an intersection. Nothing unusual, but what happens if you stop at a red light and end up having to wait for what seems like forever?

The next time a driver finds himself stopped at a red light, they can try to get it to turn green more quickly by using the helpful advice we shared earlier this week. Although the most of the tactics won’t cause the light to turn green more quickly, you should make sure it is aware that you are there, LOL!

Hudson Valley’s Worst Traffic Lights

I wondered if anyone else had a certain crossroads or traffic light that they occasionally get caught at that gives them the “I’ve been here forever” feeling. I did some study on traffic lights and found some of the things we should watch for.

You are familiar with the crossroads when you pull up to a red light and it takes an eternity for it to turn green. I get that feeling every time I get caught at a light at the crossroads of Route 9 and Spackenkill Rd in Poughkeepsie, which is close to CVS. There have been occasions when I waited for so long on Spackenkill Road that I believe the Route 9 light turned green twice! Argh!

6 of the Hudson Valley’s Worst Traffic Signals

When it comes to “wait time” for the traffic lights to change from red to green, these intersections are the worst in the Hudson Valley.

Spackenkill Road & Route 9

Jillian informed us that whenever she gets caught at this intersection in Poughkeepsie, New York, she has to wait for what seems like days.

Foxhall Ave & Albany Ave

Drivers often get frustrated waiting for a green light at the junction of Foxhall and Albany Ave. On Facebook, Alyssa informed us that the traffic can occasionally back up all the way to Sunrise Bagel’s on Albany Ave.

River Rd & Route 199

Carmen suggested that we go to the intersection of River Road and Route 199 in Rhinebeck, New York. If you’ve ever waited at the lights there, you know that it can seem like forever!

Route 9 & Anthony Drive

Tom in Poughkeepsie, New York claims that it sometimes take an eternity for the lights to turn green at the intersection of Anthony Drive and Route 9. You can relate if you’ve ever eaten at Texas Roadhouse or gone car shopping at Route 9 Mazda!

Route 302 & 52

We were directed to Route 302 and 52 in Pine Bush, New York by Kimberlee, who informed us that “I leave for work when the skunks and raccoons are still foraging, and I’ve sat at this specific light in the middle of the night for almost six minutes.” Amazing. No, the green light was not missed by me. It remained red the entire time.

Pershing & Maple Ave

Paul mentioned that one of the worst intersections in Poughkeepsie, New York, is Pershing & Maple.