The Worse Bridges in the Hudson Valley to Drive Over

Commutes over the Hudson River bridges are more than just a journey; they are a daily expedition fraught with trials and tribulations. As per the candid comments of weary commuters, we present a comprehensive ranking of the five main Hudson River crossings, unveiling the spectrum of opinions that define each traveler’s experience.

Kicking off our countdown at number five is the Rip Van Winkle Bridge, affectionately known as the “RIP” by some. While the criticism here may appear lighthearted, a recurring sentiment emerges—many wish the original toll booths had endured, adding a nostalgic layer to this seemingly simple structure.

Claiming the fourth spot is the Bear Mountain Bridge, whose only fault lies in the occasional gridlock that ensues when collisions unfold in proximity. The inconvenience of heavy traffic becomes the focal point of commuter discontent, highlighting the delicate balance between efficiency and the unexpected.

Climbing higher on our list is the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge, earning the bronze medal. However, it’s not the structure’s grandeur that irks many drivers but rather its altitude. A common thread among critics is a dislike for heights, amplified by the brisk winds that greet drivers as they navigate this towering Hudson Valley passage.

Securing the second position is the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge, a choice that resonated with Jess and others who share a disdain for its perpetual state of construction. If judged solely on the frequency of roadwork, the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge would triumph, leading the pack in this distinct category of commuter grievances.

Topping our list at number one is the Mid-Hudson Bridge, an architectural marvel that, surprisingly, sits at the pinnacle of commuter discontent. From its narrow lanes to the unsettling orange sticks, drivers vent their frustrations. Lori confesses to anxiety, while Ashley’s dramatic proclamation of a “complete cardiac collapse upon crossing” captures the visceral reactions that the Mid-Hudson Bridge elicits.

Embark on this journey through commuter commentary as we explore the best and worst of Hudson River crossings, unraveling the stories that make each bridge more than just a link between two points.

According on commuter comments, the five main Hudson River crossings are ranked from worst to first.

5. The Rip Van Winkle

The Rip Van Winkle completes our list of the top five. The sole criticism leveled against the “RIP” is that any motorist using it wishes the original toll booths had remained.HAHA!

4. Bear Mountain

The one complaint we had regarding the Bear Mountain Bridge was that occasionally, whenever there is a collision anywhere close to the span, the traffic can get intolerably heavy.

3. Kingston-Rhinecliff

The majority of drivers who supported the Kingston-Rhinecliff bridge do not like heights. Being one of the tallest bridges in the Hudson Valley, a lot of respondents claimed that their dislike for the bridge stems from the wind they encounter when driving over it.

2. Newburgh-Beacon

Jess chose this, and she wasn’t the only one. “Such a tough decision as I despise the Newburgh/Beacon bridge as it’s ALWAYS under construction,” wrote Jen from Walden to us via text. If construction were the only factor taken into consideration while ranking all of the bridges, the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge would undoubtedly come in first place.

1. Mid-Hudson Bridge

Many people, including me, concur that the Mid-Hudson is the worst. Lori texted us, saying, “The Mid Hudson Bridge is the one that really makes me anxious.” In addition to being narrow, the orange sticks, and the careless drivers who don’t know how to stay in their lane when entering the bridge all contribute to this.” “Mid Hudson Bridge SUCKS!” texted Ashley. Complete cardiac collapse upon crossing.”