This week, huge waves are predicted to slam the beaches in Southern California

Southern California is bracing for an extraordinary weather event this week as monster waves are expected to hit the region’s beaches. This unusual phenomenon is a result of a large storm system currently impacting the Pacific Northwest. The National Weather Service has highlighted this as the most significant weather story for Southern California this week​​.

The Southland experienced ideal weather on Christmas Day, with clear skies and daytime high temperatures in the mid and upper 60s. However, a shift is anticipated as high clouds from the northern storm are forecast to move into the area.

Despite this, the impact in terms of rainfall in Southern California is expected to be minimal due to high pressure systems in the region. Light rain may occur through Thursday in Ventura County and the Central Coast, but with limited impact​​​​.

The real concern, however, is the impact on surf conditions. Beaches across Southern California will see moderately high surf through mid-week, escalating to much larger waves by Thursday and into the weekend.

The projections are quite significant, with waves potentially reaching up to 20 feet along the Central Coast and 10 to 15 feet in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Even San Diego and Orange County beaches are expected to experience waves over six feet, accompanied by potentially dangerous rip currents​​.

This event poses both a spectacle and a hazard. While the large waves might attract surfers and spectators, the risk of strong rip currents cannot be understated. Local authorities and the National Weather Service are likely to issue warnings and advisories, urging beachgoers to exercise caution. It is crucial for the public to remain informed and heed any safety directives issued in response to these unusually large waves.