This Washington City Has Been Named the Highest Billionaires Count in the State

Because of the huge success of companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, and Valve, Washington is known for having some of the richest people in the world living there. But which city in Washington has the most wealthy living in it? Forbes says that the answer is Seattle.

Seattle is the capital of billionaires in Washington

With an expected 769,714 people living there in 2020, Seattle is Washington’s biggest and most popular city. It is home to the headquarters of many huge companies, such as Amazon, Starbucks, Nordstrom, and Expedia. The founders and leaders of these companies have made huge fortunes, and many of them live in Seattle.

Forbes makes a list of the world’s billionaires every year based on how much money they had as of March 24. The 2023 list says that 16 billionaires live in Washington, with 13 of them living in or near Seattle. Here are some of Seattle’s billionaires and how much money they have, ranked by their spot on the Forbes list:

  • Jeff Bezos: $114 billion (third in the world)
  • Bill Gates: $104 billion (No. 6 in the world)
  • Steve Ballmer: $80.7 billion (No. 10 in the world)
  • MacKenzie Scott: $26.4 billion (No. 53 in the world)
  • Melinda French Gates: $6.2 billion (No. 400 in the world)
  • Charles Simonyi: $5.6 billion (No. 442 in the world)
  • Howard Schultz: $3.7 billion (No. 757 in the world)
  • Gabe Newell: $3.9 billion (ranked 713th in the world)
  • James Jannard: $2.2 billion (No. 1,323 in the world)
  • Craig McCaw: $2 billion (No. 1,471 in the world)
  • Martin Selig: $1.4 billion (No. 1,985 in the world)
  • Orion Hindawi: $1.2 billion (No. 2,224 in the world)
  • David Hindawi: $1.1 billion (No. 2,324 in the world)

These 13 billionaires are worth a staggering $352.8 billion between them, which is more than the gross domestic product (GDP) of countries like Norway, Denmark, and Singapore put together.

Why billionaires want to live in Seattle?

Seattle’s appeal to billionaires comes from its long past of innovation and business, which goes back to its days as a logging town in the 1800s. The city has been a center for many different types of businesses, such as science, software, e-commerce, and cloud computing. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other charitable groups are good examples of Seattle’s strong attitude of giving back to the community and being socially responsible.

Seattle has a lot to offer billionaires and people who want to start their own business. A diverse and educated population, a lively arts and entertainment scene, and a beautiful natural setting give it a good quality of life. Washington doesn’t have a personal income tax or a capital gains tax, so Seattle’s tax system is better for the rich. The city also has access to top colleges, research centers, venture capitalists, and talent pools, all of which help innovation and entrepreneurship.

What Will Happen to Seattle’s Billionaire Club?

The billionaire circle in Seattle is likely to keep growing in size and wealth as long as the city keeps attracting and supporting successful business owners and creators. Some people who might be interested in becoming billionaires are:

  • Brian Roberts: As of its most recent funding round in November 2020, Convoy, a digital freight network, was worth $2.75 billion, and Brian Roberts is its co-founder and CEO.
  • Jane Park is the founder and CEO of Tokki, a company that uses digital cards and reusable cloth wraps to make eco-friendly gift wrap. Tokki, which came out in 2019, has raised $4 million from famous people like Serena Williams.
  • Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal are the co-founders and co-hosts of the popular podcast Acquired, which tells the stories behind tech company acquisitions and IPOs. Each show gets over 100,000 listeners, and the podcast makes money from sponsorships and subscriptions.

Seattle is not only home to many billionaires in Washington, but it also has a big impact on the rest of the world. Because of their vision, innovation, and generosity, the city’s billionaires have left an indelible mark on many fields and businesses. In addition, they’ve made a lot of jobs available for people who want to follow in their paths.


Thirteen of Washington’s sixteen billionaires live in or near Seattle, making it the place with the most billionaires. The net worth of these billionaires is $352.8 billion, which is more than the GDP of many countries. Seattle’s past of innovation, along with its high quality of life, low taxes, and supportive environment for entrepreneurs, makes it a great place for billionaires to live and work.