This Small Pizza Shop in Texas Has Been Named the Best Pizza Shop

Pizza is one of the most beloved foods in the world, and people have as many different tastes for its many versions as there are people who love it. Pizza has a lot of different styles, from thin and crispy to thick and cheesy, and from simple and unusual toppings to classic ones. While there are many great pizza places in Texas, Via 313 is the clear winner among PBS viewers as the best pizza place in the Lone Star State.

What does Via 313 mean?

Via 313 stands out as a great place to get Detroit-style pizza, which is a special kind of pizza from the Motor City that has its own unique qualities. This tasty pie is made in a rectangular steel pan, which makes the top thick, airy, and deliciously crispy. It’s worth mentioning that the cheese is spread out all the way to the ends, creating a delicious caramelized cheese border that adds another level of flavor and texture.

In a rather unusual move, the sauce is heavily spread on top of the cheese instead of under it. The sauce is usually a rich and tangy tomato sauce. At Via 313, you can get pepperoni and sausage as toppings, or you can try something new with smoked ham, pineapple, and jalapeños.

Brandon and Zane Hunt, two brothers, came up with the idea for Via 313 in 2011. They were in Austin, but they were from Detroit and really missed the taste of pizza from home. They started out in the food business with a simple food trailer in a parking lot.

They quickly built a loyal customer base of people who couldn’t get enough of their original, delicious pizza. As of now, Via 313 has four sites in Austin: two permanent restaurants and two food trailers. Besides that, they also do banquets and even have a store where you can buy things.

Why is Via 313 the best pizza place in Texas?

PBS viewers have chosen Via 313 as the best pizza place in Texas. They joyfully nominated and voted for their favorite pizza places across the state. The official website for PBS shows that Via 313 won by a large margin, beating out hundreds of pizza places across Texas. Many people praised the pizzeria for its constant dedication to quality, its delicious food, and its excellent customer service. Some comments from voters are:

  • “The pizza at Via 313 is the best I’ve ever had.” The base is a work of art, the cheese is ooey and rich, and the sauce goes wonderful with everything. “The Detroiter,” with two kinds of pepperoni and a light drizzle of honey, is my personal favorite. Every bite is an explosion of tastes.”
  • “Being from Detroit, I can say for sure that Via 313 is the real deal.” They carefully copy the pizza from their home state, Michigan, so every delicious bite takes you back there. Everyone who stays there feels like they’re coming home because the owners are so nice.
  • Not only is Via 313 a pizza place, it’s also a close-knit neighborhood. They help local businesses, events, and charities, and they treat their customers like family. Of course, the pizza is great, and there’s something for everyone. ‘The Cadillac,’ with gorgonzola, fig preserves, prosciutto, and balsamic glaze, is my best. It’s a work of art.”


Via 313 is the place to go in Texas if you want to find the best pizza. This famous restaurant has won over the hearts and taste buds of many people, including PBS fans. If you’re a fan of Detroit-style pizza or just a pizza lover looking for quality and passion in your slice, Via 313 is the place to go. Their website lets you look at their food, find their different locations, and even place orders or make reservations. You can also find out about their newest deals and stories by following them on Facebook and Instagram. You can be sure that a visit to Via 313 will be a tasty experience you won’t forget. This solidifies its status as the best pizza place in Texas and maybe even the world.

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