This Oregon City Has the Highest Marijuana Consumption Rate in the America

Cannabis, which is another name for marijuana, is a plant that has chemicals in it that can make people feel, think, and see things differently. Eighteen states and the District of Columbia allow people to use marijuana for fun. In 36 states and four territories, people can use marijuana for medical reasons. But the number of people who use marijuana changes a lot across the country. This is because the drug’s availability, ease of access, cost, and social acceptance all play a role.

The marijuana market in Oregon

Oregon is one of the places that allows people to use marijuana for both fun and valid reasons. In fact, Oregon was the first state to stop criminalizing small amounts of marijuana in 1973. In 2014, it was the fourth state to legalize marijuana for adult use.

Oregon also has a strong marijuana business. There are more than 2,000 licensed growers, processors, wholesalers, retailers, and labs in the state. The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission says that marijuana goods sold in Oregon brought in $1.1 billion in 2020, which is 38% more than in 2019.

Rate of Marijuana Use in Oregon

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) says that Oregon has one of the highest rates of pot use in the country. The NSDUH is an annual survey that asks people ages 12 and up in the U.S. about their mental health, tobacco use, alcohol use, and drug use. Based on figures from 2019-2020, the NSDUH shows that

  • After the District of Columbia (30.81%), 27.82% of Oregonians aged 12 and up used marijuana in the past year. This is the second-highest rate in the U.S.
  • After the District of Columbia (21.17%), 19.26% of Oregonians aged 12 and up had used marijuana in the past month. This is the second-highest rate in the U.S.
  • In the past year, 9.04% of Oregonians ages 12 and up had a marijuana use disorder. This was the highest rate in the U.S. If you meet the signs of marijuana abuse or dependence, like having withdrawal symptoms, cravings, tolerance, or problems with daily tasks because of marijuana use, then you may have a marijuana use disorder.

The city in the United States where the most people smoke marijuana

The NSDUH gives information about marijuana use at the state level, but not at the city level. But there are other ways to get a rough idea of how much marijuana people smoke in different U.S. towns. The Cannabis Price Index is one of these sources. It is a study that was done by Seedo, a business that sells tools for growing marijuana at home. The Cannabis Price Index ranks 120 places around the world by how much marijuana costs, whether it is legal, and how many people use it.

The Cannabis Price Index says that Portland, Oregon has the highest rate of marijuana use in the United States. Based on the city’s population of 575,930 people in 2020, the study says that 20.6 metric tons of marijuana are used there every year, or 35.8 grams per person. With an average price of $10.35 per gram, Portland is also the 10th most expensive place in the U.S. to buy pot.

In conclusion

A lot of people in the U.S. use marijuana, especially in places that have made it legal for medical and recreational use. Oregon has some of the highest rates of marijuana use and marijuana use disorder in the country. It is also one of the places that grows, sells, and smokes the most marijuana.

According to one estimate, Portland, Oregon, has the most marijuana users per person in the whole country. Smoking weed, on the other hand, can make it harder to think clearly, remember things, move around, and keep your mental health in good shape. So, people who use marijuana should know about its possible pros and cons and only use it in moderation and under the supervision of a responsible adult.