This City of North Carolina Has Been Named the Highest Crime Rate in the State

North Carolina has a lot to offer in terms of history, culture, and beautiful scenery, but not all of its towns are safe and peaceful. Out of these, Lumberton is by far the most dangerous place to live in the state.

Why does Lumberton have a bad image for being dangerous?

The small city of Lumberton in Robeson County has about 19,000 people. Its name comes from being close to the Lumber River. The city has had problems with poverty, drug abuse, and racial issues in the past, all of which have made its crime rates higher.

Website NeighborhoodScout, which specializes in looking at crime data from all over the US, says that Lumberton has 132.30 crimes for every 1,000 people, which is 435% more than the state average. This means that every eighth person in Lumberton has a chance of being a victim of either a physical crime or a property crime. Lumberton is the most dangerous place in North Carolina and the 11th most dangerous city in the United States.

Most crimes in Lumberton are property crimes, like burglary, theft, and car theft. There are 112.30 property crimes for every 1,000 people, which is 402% more than the state average. Property theft or loss is likely to happen 1 in 9 times for residents.

Lumberton also has a high rate of violent crime, with 20 incidents per 1,000 people. This is 365% higher than the state average and includes murder, rape, robbery, and assault. Every 50 times, someone in the area is violently or fatally attacked.

Lumberton’s high crime rate is caused by a number of things, such as:

  • Poverty: 34% of people in Lumberton are poor, which is more than double the state average of 15%. Poverty can lead to hopelessness, desperation, and few chances, all of which can make people more likely to commit crimes.
  • Drugs: Lumberton has been called a “hub” for drug trade and addiction in the area. As a result of its location on Interstate 95, which drug gangs use to move drugs between Miami and New York, the city has a high rate of opioid abuse and overdose deaths, which can make crime, health problems, and violence more likely.
  • Gangs: Lumberton is home to several gangs, such as the Bloods, the Crips, and the Folk Nation. These groups do a wide range of illegal things, like selling drugs, robbing stores, bribery, and murder. Residents feel afraid, threatened, and ready to fight back because of these gangs.

What changes can be made to make Lumberton safer?

Lumberton has had a high crime rate for decades, but many ideas have been put forward to deal with it and make life better for residents:

  • Community Policing: The Lumberton Police Department has put in place a community policing plan to help residents and police officers trust each other and work together. As part of this plan, police officers will be sent to particular neighborhoods, patrols will be increased, and community members and leaders will be consulted about their needs and concerns.
  • Crime prevention: The Lumberton Police Department has started a number of programs to help reduce crime. These include Crime Stoppers, which pays tips that lead to arrests, Project Safe Neighborhoods, which targets violent criminals and gang members, and the Reentry Council, which helps people who have been in prison get back into society.
  • Economic Development: The city of Lumberton is working hard to bring in new businesses and investments, especially in the downtown area. They are also helping current businesses and startups by giving them grants, loans, tax breaks, and training. The growth of an economy can create jobs, cash, and chances for people who live there.
  • Social Services: The city of Lumberton has teamed up with a number of groups and agencies to offer social services and help to people who are having a hard time. Some of these services are help with housing, food, mental health counseling, drug abuse treatment, and support for victims of domestic violence. All of these can help people get through tough times and improve their health.

In conclusion

With that said, Lumberton faces many problems and risks because of its high crime rate. Still, it’s still a city with a lot of untapped promise and strength. By working together, police, government officials, community leaders, and residents in Lumberton might be able to solve these problems and turn into a safer and more attractive place to live.

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