There are 2 unusual haunted roads in Washington where gravity is nonexistent

Washington State, known for its stunning landscapes and bustling cities, holds within its bounds two enigmatic roads that seemingly defy the laws of gravity. These roads, known as “gravity hills,” present a peculiar phenomenon where uphill slopes appear to be downhill, creating an optical illusion that leaves visitors both mystified and intrigued.

The Gravity Hill of Prosser: A Blend of Science and Legend

The town of Prosser houses the first of these gravity hills. The experience begins at the hill’s base, where if you park your car and shift it to neutral, the vehicle appears to roll uphill against the expected direction of gravity. This peculiar occurrence has given rise to various local legends, the most prominent being the story of a woman’s ghost believed to be pushing vehicles uphill to prevent a fate similar to her tragic car accident on the hill​​.

Prosser’s Gravity Hill is located on a stretch of North Crosby Road, about 10-15 miles north of the town. The road, near an old haunted grain elevator, is marked with a starting line painted on the pavement, guiding visitors where to park their cars. Astonishingly, cars left in neutral roll uphill towards an old barn, a sight that defies common understanding​​.

An urban legend adds to the hill’s mystique. It is said that if you dust flour or powder on your car, tiny, child-sized handprints will appear, supposedly from the unseen forces pushing the vehicle uphill​​.

The Spook Hill of North Bonneville: Eerie Tales Amidst Natural Beauty

The second gravity hill, located in North Bonneville, shares similarities with its Prosser counterpart. Vehicles left in neutral here also appear to roll uphill. The folklore surrounding this hill involves a construction worker who was allegedly buried alive during the road’s construction, with some believing his spirit is responsible for the upward movement of cars​​.

While detailed historical information about Spook Hill in North Bonneville is scarce, it is clear that it shares the same mystifying characteristics as Prosser’s Gravity Hill. The tales and legends, although varied, add an element of intrigue and spookiness to the location.

Scientific Explanation Behind the Phenomenon

Despite the eerie and supernatural explanations, the phenomenon of gravity hills is firmly rooted in science. These hills create optical illusions, where the landscape around deceives our perception, making us see uphill slopes as downhill. This misperception leads to the belief that cars are defying gravity, when in fact, they are simply following the natural incline of the road​​.


The gravity hills of Prosser and North Bonneville stand as fascinating examples of how our perceptions can be influenced by our environment. They are a blend of natural phenomena and cultural folklore, offering a unique experience to those who visit. While the stories and legends add a thrilling dimension, it’s important to remember that these seemingly gravity-defying occurrences are illusions, aligning perfectly with the laws of physics.

As you plan your visit to these mysterious roads in Washington, remember to approach them with a sense of curiosity and wonder. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker chasing ghost stories or a science enthusiast exploring optical illusions, these gravity hills offer a compelling adventure. Always bear in mind, however, that behind the supernatural experiences lies a scientific explanation, a reminder of how easily our senses can be deceived by the natural world around us.