The Top 10 Common Complaints Made by New Yorkers

New York, the city that never sleeps, is bustling with activity, but beneath the vibrant surface lies a myriad of consumer complaints that echo the struggles faced by its residents. In this article, we delve into the top 10 complaints from New York consumers, shedding light on the issues that have irked the city’s inhabitants.

  1. Retail Sales – 5,240 Complaints: Topping the list is the realm of retail sales, encompassing a staggering 5,240 complaints. Consumers voice concerns about price gouging, online purchases gone awry, defective merchandise, and lament poor customer service experiences. Pet stores and animal breeders also contribute to this category, highlighting a diverse range of grievances within the retail sector.
  2. Landlord/Tenant Disputes – 3,014 Complaints: Securing the second spot on the list, landlord/tenant disputes yield 3,014 complaints. The concerns range from security deposit releases to evictions and tenant harassment, portraying the complexities and challenges of the housing landscape in the city.
  3. Credit, Banking & Mortgages – 2,834 Complaints: Financial matters take the third spot, with 2,834 complaints related to credit, banking, and mortgages. Consumers grapple with issues like debt collection, credit card billing discrepancies, identity theft, and the labyrinth of mortgage lending and servicing.
  4. Consumer Services – 2,730 Complaints: The fourth category, consumer services, gathers 2,730 complaints. COVID-19 testing facilities, alarm companies, dry cleaners, restaurants, movers, and storage facilities contribute to a diverse set of grievances under this umbrella, highlighting the challenges faced by consumers in accessing essential services.
  5. Automobile Woes – 2,590 Complaints: In the fifth position, automobile-related complaints total 2,590. Sales, service, financing, and repairs collectively fuel the discontent among consumers, revealing the complexities of the automotive industry in New York.
  6. Internet Frustrations – 2,355 Complaints: The sixth category, internet-related issues, accrues 2,355 complaints. Consumers express concerns about internet services, data privacy and security, digital media, and the rising prevalence of frauds through internet manipulation.
  7. Utilities Conundrum – 1,896 Complaints: Securing the seventh spot, utilities-related complaints amount to 1,896. Grievances range from wireless and residential phone issues to energy service and supply problems, cable concerns, and satellite service complaints.
  8. Home Repair & Improvement – 1,264 Complaints: The eighth category, home repair and improvement, garners 1,264 complaints. Consumers voice frustrations over repair issues, deceitful contractors, and problems with solar panel installations, revealing the challenges faced in maintaining and upgrading homes.
  9. Travel Troubles – 787 Complaints: The ninth position is occupied by travel-related complaints, totaling 787. Grievances include airline customer service woes, flight cancellations, and difficulties obtaining refunds, portraying the struggles faced by New York residents in navigating the travel landscape.
  10. Gasoline Prices – 661 Complaints: The tenth category, gasoline prices, accumulates 661 complaints. Consumers express concerns about price gouging, excessive pricing, and credit card surcharges, reflecting the impact of rising fuel costs on everyday life in the city.


New York’s vibrant consumer landscape is not without its challenges. As we explore these top 10 complaints, it becomes evident that a diverse array of industries contributes to the grievances of consumers. Understanding these issues is crucial for policymakers, businesses, and residents alike, fostering a proactive approach towards resolving and mitigating the challenges faced by New York consumers.