5 Things That New York Needs to Ban but Will Not

These days, it seems like everything is prohibited in New York State, but these are a few items that ought to be included.

The Grand Island Bridge Tolls

When New York employed its first toll collectors in 1951, the Grand Island Bridges began to collect tolls. Paying a toll to cross the GI Bridges is a source of frustration for many Western New Yorkers, as it can occasionally feel like a commuter tax. It is past time for New York to outlaw tolls on the Grand Island Bridges, just as they did with the 190 North and South in 2006.

Unethical Lawmakers

There are far too many politicians in New York who have betrayed the public trust, and this situation doesn’t seem to be improving anytime soon. It’s past time that we outlaw dishonest politicians and demonstrate to the country how to do it.


Road repair is one of the stated justifications for tolls in New York; but, given the number of potholes I encounter on the New York State Thruway between Buffalo and New York City, it doesn’t appear like patching potholes is a priority in those plans. It’s imperative that New York start enforcing pothole bans. New York has among of the worst roads in the nation, which is unfortunate given how expensive our taxes are.

Present Gun Regulations

Although New York has among of the strictest gun prohibitions in the nation, neither the illegal gun trade nor gun violence have decreased as a result of these policies. Law-abiding gun owners find it extremely difficult to continue to comply with the law as a result of those laws. Banning some of the absurd gun prohibitions that are now in place and facilitating the practice of constitutional rights by law-abiding residents are two of the best things that New York can do.

Extremely High Taxes

To be honest, our exorbitant taxes ought to be the first item on the Empire State’s prohibition list. In general, New Yorkers pay some of the highest taxes in the country, and some counties have some of the highest tax rates. It’s frequently difficult to tell exactly what our taxes fund. It’s high time New York took the lead and outlawed exorbitant tax rates.