The Story Behind This Haunted Hotel in California is Terrifying

California has a long and interesting past that goes from the Gold Rush to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Of course, some of the Golden State’s most famous hotels have creepy and scary stories that live on behind their sunny exteriors. One of these is the Queen Anne Hotel in San Francisco, a beautiful Victorian building that hides a scary story.

The Queen Anne Hotel’s History

Before it was turned into the Queen Anne Hotel in 1890, the building was the Mary Lake School for Girls, a finishing school for wealthy girls. Miss Mary Lake, a widow who cared deeply about education and social change, came up with the idea for the school. There is a rumor that she also dabbled in spiritualism and held séances in her room on the fourth floor.

Even though it had good intentions at first, the school did not do well and closed in 1896. The building went through many changes over the years, including being a men’s club, a military school, and even a Lutheran church. In 1980, it was redesigned as a hotel. The hotel went through a lot of changes to bring back its original Victorian elegance and luxury.

There is a ghost in the Queen Anne Hotel

There have been rumors that Miss Mary Lake is still alive and well in the Queen Anne Hotel, causing strange things to happen. People say that her spirit decided to stay at the school she loved so much. Room 410, which used to be her office, is where all of her ghostly action takes place. People who have stayed in this room have said they felt soft touches on their faces, heard faint footsteps and whispers, and found their things moved or arranged as if by an invisible hand.

Interestingly, Miss Lake’s ghost doesn’t seem scary; she gives off a warm and caring vibe. She seems to really enjoy taking care of people and making sure they are comfortable and healthy. There are even guests who leave notes or gifts of thanks on the dresser to show their admiration.

Strange things have also been seen and heard at the hotel, including cold spots, flashing lights, furniture that moves on its own, and sounds that can’t be explained. Some guests say they have seen ghostly images of children and soldiers in the halls and stairwells. Surprisingly, the hotel staff seems to get along fine with these ghostly residents.

Today at the Queen Anne Hotel

For travelers who want to learn more about San Francisco’s past and culture, the Queen Anne Hotel is still a popular place to stay. The hotel has 48 different rooms and suites, and each one has its own personality and charm. Guests can also enjoy free breakfast and afternoon tea while exploring the library, studio, salon, and garden patio.

People who are interested in ghosts and want to learn more about the hotel’s haunted history are also welcome. On their ghost walks and packages, you can stay the night in Room 410 or another room that is known to be haunted. Guests can use ghost hunting gear or take part in investigations into the supernatural lead by experienced professionals.

The Queen Anne Hotel is basically a place where the past and the present live together in peace. It is a place where people can enjoy the beauty and grace of Victorian building while also getting lost in the mysterious world of the supernatural. There is a chance that someone will see the kind spirit of Miss Mary Lake, who is still watching over her beloved old school.


The Queen Anne Hotel in San Francisco has a scary past and is known as one of the most haunted hotels in California. Room 410 is where most of the ghostly activity happens in this building, which used to be a finishing school started by the spiritualist widow Miss Mary Lake. The soft and caring spirit of Miss Lake still lingers, making sure that guests are safe and healthy. The Queen Anne Hotel lets visitors experience both the past and the mystery of San Francisco.